Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Shadow Singles

Hello! So, how many people are over the total lipstick takeover that has over run my blog for the last month or so? I thought so. Lipstick wasn’t always my obsession, long before lips were my obsession, I was (and still am) all about eyes. Eye makeup was my gateway makeup, it all started with … Read more

GPH: Marshalls & Sally’s

Hey! Happy Thursday! How is everyone doing? Excited its almost the weekend? Today’s post is another edition of Good Polish Hunting, yesterday I found myself off of work a little early and decided to stop by the shops for a bit. I live close by a shopping center that has both a Sally’s Beauty Supply … Read more

GPH: Ulta Clearance Haul


I’m back! Last week I debuted my new series, Good Polished Hunting, where I share the finds I come across at shops like Marshalls, TJMaxx, and more!

I love Ulta, its one of my favorite stores to stalk for good deals. With their frequent coupons, deals, and multi point events, its hard to resist not stalking the aisles of Ulta for a good find.


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New Series: Good Polish Hunting


I wanted to introduce you guys to a new series I will be working on from here on forward! The idea kind of struck me While discussing some blogging tips from a lovely community of nail bloggers recently. Due to the small blog budget I’m on, I can’t purchase all the latest and greatest released collections of nail polishes. So instead of bringing you the news of the latest and greatest, I will be bringing you news of the forgotten and rediscovered!

What do I mean by that?

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