Beautylish 2018 Lucky Bag Review/Unboxing

Happy Glorious Friday!

Give me a second to confess something quickly, I’m actually a little disappointed in myself, I meant to throw this post up earlier, but ultimately failed to. I’m not exactly sure why, since I was really excited about the subject of this post.

But better late than never, right?

Without further ado, my Beautylish 2018 Lucky Bag!

As described in the tag pictured above, lucky bags originate from a Japanese New Year custom. I’m not exactly sure when Beautylish started doing these, but I found out about them while they were promoting the 2017 Lucky Bag.

In case you’re not totally aware of what a Beautylish Lucky Bag is I’ve copied some of the info they emailed out regarding this mystery bag:

What are Lucky Bags?
Lucky Bags are mystery bags of beauty products (plus extra surprises if you’re really lucky). We offer the original Lucky Bag ($75 for $150+ of products) and the Lucky Bag XL ($150 for $350+ of products; only available in the United States).

What will I get in my Lucky Bag?
Lucky Bags are filled at random, so there’s no way to know what your bag will contain—it’s a surprise! Rest assured that your Lucky Bag will include $150 or more of products. All XL Lucky Bags will include $350+ worth of product.

Can I choose which products/brands I receive in my Lucky Bag?
Lucky Bags are filled with a mix of products from various brands on Beautylish. There’s no way to choose or customize your bag—that’s part of the fun of Lucky Bags!

When will Lucky Bags go on sale?
We’ll announce exact launch details this Saturday, December 23rd. Customers who spent $1000 on Beautylish in 2017 will receive Priority Access to shop.

I wasn’t sold at first due to the alarming price tag, which didn’t include shipping costs! Also, I was nervous about getting products from brands that I didn’t like or that wouldn’t suit me. So I sat out on this raved about lucky bag. But man, I ended up with a major case of the green eyed monster.

As people started posting their bags online, I saw that people received products from Visart, Kevin Aucoin, Natasha Denona, Wayne Goss, Charlotte Tilbury, and more! They REALLY did hit the minimum (at least!) of the advertised value.

While I wasn’t totally ready to take the plunge for the 2018 bag…my brother was! He actually purchased the lucky bag for me as a late Christmas present. He almost scored an XL bag to do a Christmas/Bday gift, but that sold out in an instant.

But regardless, shout out to my brother for signing up for the mailing list and being ready on game day to hit order!

Ok, so maybe there was some ado…sorry about that! Now for the real without further ado, the unboxing!

In my Lucky Bag I received a total of 7 items. Of these items 4 of them were full size, 2 were travel size, and 1 was a single use item.

Travel/Single Use:

A Bioderma Sensibio H2O cleansing water (100ML) – $6.90

I’ve heard fantastic things about bioderma, but have never been super inclined to try it. I’m kind of neutral about receiving this product, not happy but also not disappointed. Ok, maybe I lean disappointed? I would have rather had the next size up (250ML). However, it’s a lucky bag and I knew I probably wouldn’t love everything.

A ORIBE Dry Texturizing Spray (2.2 fl oz) – $22.00

I am quite happy to have received this product! My hairstylist uses this on my hair at the salon and I adore the way it makes my hair look and smell. It’s quite pricy, so I’ve never purchased it. I will be happily using this travel size!

A SULWHASOO Snowise Brightening Mask (1 Mask) – $13 
Note, this mask is sold on the Beautylish website in a pack of 10 for $130

Sulwhasoo is a very well respected skin care brand that originates from Korea. They are considered a luxurious high end brand with excellent skin care products. I have never taken the plunge for their products, but I have lusted for them. I am thrilled with the mask and can’t wait to try it! I half hope I don’t fall in love with it because my heart, soul, and wallet will weep.

Full size

BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector Light to Medium – $32.00

Becca was brand that I had seen appear multiple times in last year’s box. I didn’t own any Becca products that weren’t a deluxe sample sized Opal highlighter (which were featured items in two Sephora favorite sets I had purchased last year).

I have some zombie like dark circles, so I know if this works out I’ll get a ton of use out of this little guy. I haven’t tried it yet, but I have mixed feelings just on visual first impressions. It is peach toned which is good for cancelling out the kind of darkness usually found in under eye circles. However, I also see a bit of shimmer in this product. I’m not sure if its just a spray overlay, but I usually don’t like shimmer in my under eye products. I get that it helps with brightening, but still not my thing.

I’ll give it a proper try and let you know in a future review with swatches.

By Terry Terrybly Velvet Rouge 1 Lady Bare – $47.00

I had never heard of this brand prior to getting this lipstick, however apparently this single lipstick retails for a jaw dropping $47!

This lipstick is a gorgeous nude peach color that should flatter a variety of skin tones. I’ve worn this lipstick once so far, it has an interesting applicator that I haven’t come across before and doesn’t dry down completely like the modern liquid lip. I plan on also doing a full review on this product with swatches in the near future.

WAYNE GOSS Brush 17 Eye Shadow Crease Brush – $28.00

Wayne Goss was something I was openly wishing for! I was beyond thrilled to see I not only received a WG brush, but I received my favorite kind of brush, an eye blending brush!

Wayne Goss launched makeup brushes a while back and his brand of brushes has generated very positive reviews. This eye brush is made from goat hair and is a fluffy tapered shape meant for the crease area. The handle is long enough to fit comfortably in my hand without being too long or awkward. I also appreciate the black handle and ferrule which creates a stylish looking brush.

I’ve played around with this brush a few times and find that the the fibers themselves feel luxuriously soft, much like my Hakuhodo brushes (review coming soon for those!). I haven’t seen any shedding and feel like this is a quality brush that is a very welcomed addition to my brush family.

Considering that I am a total fan of natural fiber brushes I really sense myself picking up more Wayne Goss brushes sometime this year.

JOUER COSMETICS – Skinny Dip Collection Ultra Foil Shimmer Shadows – $40.00

Jouer was a popular brand this year in the Beautylish Luckybag. Many people got either this palette and/or a highlighting trio. At first I wasn’t sure I liked this palette, but I then realized I would have never picked this up on my own. After I tried one look with this using 3 shades on my lid I found it to be a well performing palette perfect for ultra glam looks.

I don’t usually go for ultra foil shimmery glam looks, but I started wondering why. Was it because I didn’t like it? Or did I not like it cause I never really tried it due to not having this kind of product?

Either way, I am very happy I was given this palette and discovered a love for super shimmery metallic shadows. I will be having a full post dedicated to this palette and feature the look I did with this bad boy soon.

Also, pardon the meh photo, since this thing has highly reflective gold packaging and actual product, it really challenged my photography skills…I’ll be trying my best to redeem myself during the full review!

Final Overall Thoughts:

I was originally hoping to score some Viseart, Natasha Denona, Kevin Aucoin, or Charlotte Tilbury. All, except Viseart, are brands I have wanted to try but haven’t bitten the bullet on yet. Although I wanted some Viseart, I did also have my fingers crossed for no duplicates as I already own two of their popular palettes that were included in a lot of last year’s bag.

I was initially a little sad with the lack of any of those names in my Lucky Bag, especially since at least one of those brands seemed to have appeared in every bag last year and did appear in many bags again this year. But after I looked at my bag again, I realized I was thrilled. For everything being random I scored some really great products that I can use. While browsing other’s bags I also noticed I wasn’t totally drawn in by the products from those brands that I saw in some bags, mostly due to color scheme. There were some that I totally was jealous of, but that’s to be expected in mystery bags! lol

Besides, if I really want those brands bad enough, I’ll just purchase the item I want myself in the exact color/scheme I want it in! haha

To illustrate the value of the bag, I added all the items I received into a shopping cart on the Beautylish website. The overall value of my box (without the face mask) comes to – $175.90!

If you were to add a $13 mask, we would be a value of $188.90!

I can’t complain for snagging all of these at such a deal! Ok, well my brother snagged a deal. I shared with him the value of the bag he got me and said he was pleased with his purchase and will look out for it again next year.

Now if he intends to buy me this bag again next year, I’ll be happy. If he’s talking about snagging it for this girlfriend next year, I’ll have to stay on my game to grab myself one haha.

Tell me, did you guys purchase a Beauylish Lucky bag? If yes, did you love your items? If not, which of these items in mine called out your name the loudest??



21 thoughts on “Beautylish 2018 Lucky Bag Review/Unboxing

  1. I got my first Lucky Bag this year, and I too was thrilled with the WG brush because I didn’t own any previously. Besides the brush and the Sulwahsoo Brightening Mask, my goodies were completely different from yours. I got the ABH Prism palette that will suit me well, a Charlotte Tilbury liquid lipstick in a shade that’s lighter than I would typically wear, a Kevyn Aucoin illuminating primer, and solid brush cleaner that I definitely will use. I calculated mine was worth $183. I think it was worth it, and I’ll probably do it again next year. I really enjoyed seeing what you got!

  2. I would have been disappointed with the Jouer if I’d seen some of those other brands popping up as well! But it does look like your money’s worth which is great (or great for your bro!) I like the Bioderma, but then I’m a fan of micellar water!

    • I’ve come around to the Jouer Palette, its very striking on the eyes, I can’t wait to post my full review on it!

  3. I think the Lucky Bag is the best surprise package of the year. I don’t love everything in mine but I think they are all fabulous. I’m surprised you aren’t happy about this since you got all quality brands. The Bioderma is the best Micellar available and whenever they send it they send the small size. I’ve never seen the full size in a box. The Wayne Goss brush is phenomenal. And you’ve got the chance to try things you’d never have had otherwise. Wish I had a relative who was so kind.

    • Oh, I am very happy with mine! I think I had a mixed reaction at first cause I was hoping for different brands. But after taking a second look I realized that I am very happy with my box!

  4. The packaging alone is so pretty! I would totally be saving that paper. The crease brush really looks nice and something I could see using everyday.

  5. I feel like I’m like you. I skipped last years and this year and am always envious. But yet I can’t pull the trigger!

  6. So many amazing goodies! I have a love/hate relationship with subscription boxes. I’m curious about the Wayne Gods crease brush can’t wait to hear how you like it

    • I haven’t tried any subscription boxes yet to be honest haha. The Lucky Bag from Beautylish is available to purchase once a year and not subscription based!

  7. I have loved seeing these lucky bag posts! It’s amazing that your brother was able to score one. I don’t know how many of these I would have bought on my own, either, but the surprise is the fun of it. 🙂

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