Turquoise & Gold Vibes

Hello all!

I hope you’re having a wonderful Monday, although I have to say I am not. Today has been a rough start type of morning lol.

But you know what usually cheers me up? Sharing my nail art with anyone willing to stop by this blog page! So let’s get to it 😃

To start this mani off, I went with two coats of of OPI in I Believe in Manicures from the Breakfast at Tiffany’s collection. Next, I loaded that color, For Audrey by China Glaze, and a cyan type blue from Orly (that lost its name sticker…so I can’t share that name, Sorry!) onto a makeup wedge. I applied the three colors as random globs of polish with no pattern all over the nail until I got a subtle multi dimension feel to the nails.

I then added Maybelline’s Bold Gold to the same sponge (but didn’t add any more blue) and sponges that lightly around all then nails except the ring finger.

The end result of the blue and gold sponging felt a little reminiscent of turquoise to me. what do you think?

For my accent nail I browsed my stamping plates for an image to strike me for stamping. I connected with a bird and paced that on my ring fingernail.

While I was happy with this look, I am very partial to matte and always feel like I can improve any manicure with nice splash of matte topcoat.

Which do you like better? Glossy or matte? Also, I couldn’t think of a name for this mani…what would you have called it?

Till next time!



25 thoughts on “Turquoise & Gold Vibes

  1. What a cute design! I often have a strong preference for shiny or matte depending on the look, but I really don’t for this one. It’s great either way!

  2. Aww I love it! I really liked that entire OPI collection… they had been so blah for me for awhile and then the Audrey collection came out. I love the look glossy but matte is fun too!

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