Christmas Sweater Weather Nails


I know that Christmas is over and that most of everyone is on to New Years nails, but I’m like the person who doesn’t take down their Christmas tree until January of the following year. So I hope that you don’t mind me sharing my Christmas mani late and last the holiday.

It’s all ok as long as I hashtag #LatePost, right? Haha.

Full disclosure, this post is mainly for fun and practice. This is a repeat look on my blog, I mean, not that Christmas sweater nails are original to my blog, cause they’re absolutely not. They’re as public domain as Grimms’ fairy tales lol. But I did this exact polish combination with the stamping on my blog when I first started it. I think it was the first or second post I ever did. I recently got a new camera and am trying my best to figure it out, so apologies for that!

Alright, moving on from my tangents and let’s move on to nails!

For this manicure I used two coats of Essie on Mind your Mittens, a beautiful deep blue polish with a ting of green. Next I applied a layer of Orly Green Flakie top coat from the Matte FX collection way back when. Guys, I seriously love this top coat, it’s one of my favorite bottles in my collection!

Next I stamped using Moyou London’s Festive 06 stamping plate and Mudo De Uñas stamping polish in white. Lastly, I topped it with Seche Vite to protect my hard work.

I wore the mani with the glossy top coat as seen in the first picture for about a day or two. However my favorite way to wear any sweater nail look is with a matte top coat.

I originally didn’t put in the Matte topcoat because my China Glaze one had been giving me trouble by leaving white specks behind. This time I cleaned the bottle neck to remove any dried pieces of top coat and inspected the brush before applications.I’m happy to say that with those precautionary steps, the Matte coat applied flawlessly.

I love how the Orly top coat peaks through the stamping.

And there we have it, me sharing my #LatePost Christmas nails. Thanks for reading!



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13 thoughts on “Christmas Sweater Weather Nails

  1. As far as I’m concerned, this mani transcends Christmas and is good all winter long!! As long as we need sweaters…we should have sweater nails! Lol this is gorgeous!

  2. WE don’t take things down until after the new year too! Why not enjoy it a few extra days right?! I love these nails too! They totally work all January too since it’s cold in most places!???❄️

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