GlamTech Magnetic Makeup Palette Review

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Given that it’s the Holidays, you would think that I’d be posting a festive manicure or maybe a holiday makeup look. But alas, I am terrible when it comes to posting relevant content.

And the product I’m going to be covering today makes me feel like a child at Christmas! Even if I have had it for about 6 months…I just love it! So lets just skip right to talking about it!

The thing that I am so obsessed with is something I picked up from GlamTech over on Etsy! Casey’s store GlamTech sells a variety of magnetic makeup palettes that range from your standard rectangular shape to lip shaped palettes! The best part is that Casey really allows you to bring your own personality to your makeup collection by offering customizable options.

After seeing her work appear over and over on Instagram and Reddit, I stopped resisting and headed to Etsy.


After browsing GlamTech’s Etsy page, I decided to go for the 24 Eyeshadow Palette with the option to provide a custom image. Right from the start I knew I would want a superhero related image, particularly an old school comic panel cover. I found my desired image that included classic Detective Comics Batman imagery and sent to over to Casey to find out if my vision was even possible.

To my delight Casey said it was totally do-able and was excited to help me carry out my vision! She worked with me to find the best area of the image I provided to crop and use for etching.

After agreeing on the image selection I added the 24 palette (picked my lid accent color in silver) to my cart. I also added a Base Color upgrade in the color “Dk Blue” to my purchase to really bring my B-Man theme to life.

The Palette

The Palette arrived shortly after and it was absolutely everything I hoped it would be! I was quite impressed with the level of detail that translated over from the image into the etching. Casey really captured all the elements I hoped to have in this palette. I mean I really feel like I’m looking at a comic book when I hold this in my hands!

I am in love with the details in the panels, seriously, we got speech bubbles! How could I not be absolutely obsessed with this??

Now, in regards to the actual functionality of this palette, I am very satisfied with the overall quality. The base and cover feel quite sturdy and the magnetic backing is laid out securely in the base. The lid adheres to the base via 4 magnets placed in at the corners and can be fully detached.

I’ll admit that at first I was a little apprehensive about a cover that was only held by magnets and could totally detach. I travel with makeup fairly often, so I was concerned that it might not be practical on trips. I hesitated at first, but did finally make myself pack this palette and some loose singles on a few weekend trips to test out its travel friendliness. To my relief, the palette remained intact the whole time I traveled with it in my overnight bag.

Now, while I was certain that the magnetic backing would work just fine for standard singles, I was curious to see if I could stick my MAC shadows in here. If you’re unaware, while most empty palettes and single shadows/makeup products are magnetized to work together, MAC pro palette singe shadows are magnetized to only stick to MAC pro palettes. This means that if you take that MAC pro single with the magnet in the back and try to stick it to something like a z-palette, it won’t stick. Same if you try to stick a MakeupGeek single into a MAC pro palette.

While magnetic hold wasn’t as strong as with other shadows, I was very surprised to see that my MAC shadow did stick a bit. When I travelled with the palette and had a MAC shadow in it, I did notice that the MAC shadow might move or come loose if you’re rough during transit.

I can wholeheartedly say that I am incredibly satisfied with my purchase from GlamTech and will without a doubt order from Casey again! In fact, I am already thinking of what kind of palette I should order next. Maybe Marvel this time? A little Spiderman action? That sounds pretty cool, a nice red base with some web slinging action shots, amiright?

Regardless of what I end up picking, I know I’ll love it and that you should check out GlamTech if you’re in the market for an empty palette! Now, if you were to make your own palette, what kind of design would you pick for the lid? Let me know! 🙂

Also, I’m not sure if I’ll get the chance to post before Christmas, so Happy Holidays!



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