Soft Nude Nail Color

Hello and good day!

I don’t know about you, but I usually keep an eye out for nice nude and blush toned polishes. Finding a polish that looks soft and natural on me has been a challenge (in my mind). I decided to round up a few colors that I thought might be good nude tones for me and decided to compare side by side!

On my index I have Zoey by KL Polish, Looking at it next to some of the other polishes, its probably wayyy to dark and mauve to be considered a nude tone for me, but damnit I love this color!

My middle finger has Chantal by Zoya. I hauled a TON of polishes from Zoya during their Black Friday sale last year and picked up this lovely color, though I think it might be a tad too light to be a nude for my coloring.

Next I have Brittany by Zoya, did I mention I hauled a lot from Zoya? Yeah, most of them were light neutrals and nude tones. I adore this one, but its maybe too pink?

Lastly, I decided to see how Pixilated by China Glaze stacked up. In my eyes, its very similar to Chantal, just a hair less yellow. I think out of these four, this is best suited for my coloring.

But what do you guys think? Which would you pick for me?

Also, let me know what your favorite nude polish is for you!



6 thoughts on “Soft Nude Nail Color

    • Zoey is just so gorgeous, right?? Finding a nude polish is hard in my opinion, but fun! You get to try so many polishes hehe. If you start your search I wish you lots of fun and luck!

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