Wonder Woman Manicure

Happy Friday!

Do we have any superhero fans around here? If so, you may already know that the DC Cinematic Universe just expanded today by one more movie; Wonder Woman!

While I think that the quality of the content put out by the DC Cinematic Universe has been…inconsistent (ok, I’ll be honest, I haven’t really loved anything since Nolan’s Batman movies which aren’t even a part of the universe that they’re currently creating), I have to admit, I’m pretty excited that Wonder Woman got her own stand alone movie.

Hands down I think that Marvel has the better Cinematic Universe for their comics, but I admit that I think they are over do for a stand alone movie for one of their female heroes. Doesn’t have to be Black Widow, but I mean, It’d be nice, its not like they’re short on content available to monetize into a movie! But I will give them credit for featuring plenty of awesome female heroes in the movies along the way! Lets just get to the next level and give a female hero her own movie, yeah Marvel?

Sorry, I didn’t mean to get on a soapbox and go all preachy on ya. Totally feel free to ignore me on that, lets get onto the nail art! 😉

For this manicure I felt like it was only appropriate to use ORLY’s Wonder Woman collection. This is their previous collection that was available at drugstores last year. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seem they have a new revamped line out at drugstores right now.

I applied two coats of ORLY’s Color Blast in Super Strength, a beautiful sky blue polish, on my thumb, index, and ring finger. For my ring and pinky, I applied two coats of Lady Truth. Lastly, I finished the base of this manicure by applying  Beauty, Brains, and Brawn, a blue tinted topper with fine blue micro glitter and red and gold flakies, to top off my pinky, index, and thumb.

For the nail art portion of this manicure I used 3 stamping plates. I grabbed the Wonder Woman logo off of the FabUrNails FUN11 stamping plate and placed that on my middle finger using Mundo De Unas yellow stamping polish. From the same plate, I also grabbed the image of Wonder Woman and created a decal and placed that on my thumb. I grabbed a starred pattern from a custom plate I picked up form a group buy and placed that on my ring finger to match the pattern of her classic comic book look.

Now, I know the decal isn’t the greatest, but overall I’m pretty happy with the results! While I love the modern renditions of our beloved superheroes, I admit I still have a huge soft spot for a lot of the classic aesthetics too!

What do you think of this Manicure? Also, let me know who your favorite superhero is! My DC love is Bats…my Marvel heart belongs to Spidy! And Logan 😉  <3



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    • Thank you! Gambit! I love him too! I guess I should just start calling myself an equal opportunity superhero lover too haha

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