Pur Minerals Mystery Grab Bag

So this is way late, considering I picked this up weeks ago, but lets not let that stop me now 🙂

Back in mid January I heard that PUR Minerals was doing a mystery grab bag for $20. The bag was advertised to have up to a $100 in value and there was also an applicable coupon code which brought down the price of the bag to just $15. I hadn’t really tried anything from PUR, so I figured this was a great opportunity to change that.

These bags are always a little risky in my opinion due to the fact that sometimes they are used to get rid of old stock, discontinued stock, or just unpopular color/items from a brand. Not all grab bags are like this, but it is a risk you take when you get one. So when my box arrived I was both excited and nervous to see what was inside!

In my grab bag I received:

  • PUR Au Natural Glowing Days and Smoldering Nights eyeshadow palette – $29 value [Ulta]
  • PUR Big Look Lengthening Mascara – $21 value [Ulta]
  • PUR Cease Crease – $18 value [PUR website]
  • PUR Mineral Eye Defining Pencil with Smudger – $17 [PUR website]
  • Small brush not found on Ulta or their website – No estimate

So in total with out the brush counted, this box has a value of $85. So I’m sure very close to $100, if not there, with the brush’s price included.

The Au Natural palette caught my eye makeup junkie attention. I thought the packaging was quite cute. The palette is tied closed by a lovely ribbon. Now, while I find this to be so cute, its really impractical. The color selection on the inside was a nice lovely set of shimmery neutrals with one matte taupe shade.

While I enjoy this, I don’t think its a stand alone palette. For my look below, I supplemented other colors from some single shadows since I prefer a matte brow bone highlight.

I attempted to use everything from this palette in this look. I used the Primer to prep my eyes, the primer felt and looked a lot like an eye cream vs a primer, but it did its job well. For the eye look, after I applied True, the shimmery white shade, in the inner corners. Next I did Radiant, the coppery shimmery shade, on the lid and blended Indulge, the dark plum brown shade in the outer corners. And of course, I used the PUR Big Look mascara and the off white eyeliner in the waterline to finish off the eyes.

For the rest of my makeup, I used The Blam’s Schawing eyeliner to line my eyes. I applied Tarte’s Shapetape concealer to spot conceal my face and Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation to even out my complexion. I applied Urban Decay’s blush in Video, a beautiful soft nude color, to my checks and topped that off with The Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer highlighter to the top of my checks. For lips I used The Balm’s Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Committed.

I know PUR is doing another Mystery Grab Bag for $25 on their website, they also ask for your shade preference, so this might include some face makeup? Not sure, but check it out if you’re curious about their cosmetics! I in all honesty will probably not since I already picked up this grab bag.

On a different side note, I also just found out yesterday that they’re having a 50% off sale on their site today (Monday). Now, I didn’t use a lot of their products to promote them mind you, they have no clue who I am. I just love The Balm and use their products quite frequently, I actually pulled the look for this post together before I found out about the sale. I own a lot of their liquid lipsticks and my Mary Lou Manizer has a huge dip in the pan.

Either way, I picked up a vast majority of my The Balm products during their 50% off sale in the past. Its totally worth checking out, if their site isn’t crashing from the traffic lol.

So what did you think of the PUR Cosmetics mystery grab bag? Have you ever gotten a grab bag? If so let me know from where and how you liked your loot!

As always thanks for reading!


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19 thoughts on “Pur Minerals Mystery Grab Bag

  1. Ok I kept browsing the balm sale and seeing your gorgeous lip color, need! I’m always too much of a wuss for mystery bags. This isn’t awful for $15! It’s decent staples and you can’t beat the price.

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