Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Candy Nails

Happy Almost Friday!

So with Valentine’s Day coming up just next week, I thought I’d continue with another Valentine’s Day mani. The previous nail look from last week was over the top cutesy and dripping with V-day frills. I thought of doing something kind of softly romantic for this week, but decided to recreate a manicure that I had done for last year, but never posted. I decided to redo the mani, cause the photos from last year were atrocious, trust me on that one! Although…this year’s aren’t much better either! ?

But on to the manicure, for this post we’re gonna do some Sweetheart Candy inspired nails! You know those sweetheart candies, right? Terribly chalky candy that is somehow mandatory to have and impossible to escape? Cool, you remember!

After looking at some photos for inspiration, I applied two coats of the following polishes:

  • Thumb – China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint
  • Index- OPI I’m Getting a Tan-gerine
  • Middle – Random lilac Color Craze polish
  • Ring – Essie Sea the Sights
  • Pinky – OPI Small+Cute=?

So, I suck at posing when it includes my thumb. Also am really terrible at posing with out a nail polish bottle. Oh, and I also suck at deciding which bottle of polish to pose with when I am doing a multi base color mani. So yeah, basically I suck at posing.

I applied a nice coat of Seche Vite top coat to my nails and broke out my Mundo De Unas Mexican Pink stamping polish to get the text of the candy hearts. I grabbed a Bundle Monster plate that I think everyone and their mom has. It’s basically part of the “Stamping Nail Art Starter Pack: Amazon Edition”

Now full disclosure, if you’ve been reading for a while you may recall me NOT having a good experience with the BM set from Amazon. Most of mine did not stamp at all. Like no matter what polish, stamper, scaper, or technique I used. Voodoo sometimes works, but not often. This BM-425 is….workable. But not without wasting a ton of stamping polish in failed attempts. Idk if their plate quality has improved since 2014 (when I first purchased that damn thing), but I haven’t checked.

Anyways, after numerous attempts that won’t be disclosed, I finally managed to get some of the phrases onto my nails.

I am not proud of this stamping in the sense that it is not my best…but I am proud because these plates are not user friendly with me ?

So the fact that I got a semi decent stamps makes me feel still kind of victorious! I applied coat of Seche Vite to seal and protect my hard work. However, looking at the nails, I knew I couldn’t leave them shiny, to really be candy hearts, we had to go matte!

Somehow…the matte top coat smudge the design a bit. Genuinely confused! I usually top any design I plan to apply matte top coat to prevent smudging and it usually always works, but this time it kind of melted the crisp lines and just..yeah.

Awkward thumb nail photo bomb!

But you know what? The less than perfect stamping, bleeding, and smudges make it feel authentic to me! Have you ever seen a pristine and flawless candy heart? No! You have not. They are always a bit smudgy, off center, and just over all “Unique” lol.

I’ve also gotten a few compliments on my nails around the office and when I’ve checked out at stores this past week as I’ve worn this mani!

What do you think?  Would you sport this nail look? Oh! Also, do you enjoy Sweetheart Candies? If not, what’s your preferred candy for this holiday?

As always, thanks for stopping by!


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