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How did everyone’s weekend go? If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking “went by way too quickly” lol. Over the weekend I went over to Ulta to exchange my Tarte Shape Tape concealer in Medium in favor of the one in the shade Light-Medium. While there I naturally browsed around the aisles to see what was new or interesting and what I found was both.

It seems that Real Techniques, one of the most popular brands of affordable makeup brushes, just released a few new sets. The one that caught my eye in particular was one called Eye Detail + Define, a set with a angled eyeliner brush and a small pointed eyeliner brush. The set also included a bonus little winged liner guide at the bottom as part of the set.

As you may know, eyeliner is a true makeup love of mine. My favorite way of applying eyeliner is hands down with a brush. Because of this, I have traditionally been a HUGE fan of pot gel liner. However, I did come around to some liquid liners when I discovered brush tipped pens. Shout out to Jessie’s Girl liquid liner! So this RT brush duo reeeaaaaallllly caught my attention. I decided to pick it up and take it home to play with! I believe it was about $8.

My go to gel liner at the moment is currently one from Tony Moly and while it comes with it’s own brush that is conveniently stored in its handle, I prefer to apply my gel liner with an angled brush. So I figured what better way to break in my new brush than with this gel liner?

Now, I also wanted to play with the other brush as well, so while I lined my left eye with the gel liner and the angled brush, I decided to use the small pointed brush on my right eye. As soon as I saw the small pointed brush, I knew I would have to see how it pairs up with one of my favorite eyeliners ever, Tarte’s Tarteist Clay Paint Liner. I LOVE this product so much because it’s like the PERFECT marriage between a gel liner and a liquid liner. And while I do like the brush that it comes with, I am still in search for the BEST brush to pair it with.

So what’s the fun of playing with new toys if you’re not gonna use the whole set? I decided to only line my eyes and see if the included little plastic stencil was really any help at all. Now, I personally do feel quite comfortable with winged liner, I have been trying to master the art since I was 14. The only truth I have learned through all these years of practice is that good liner all comes down to the right tools, a steady hand, and one or more of the following things:

  • Phase of the Moon
  • Positioning of the planets
  • If you’re able to obtain the blood of a virgin
  • Are able to sacrifice hopes and dreams
  • Can chant the correct mantra
  • Make the right deal with the devil
  • Defeat the sphinx

If these things do not line up, neither will your liner.

When I first saw this, it reminded me of the many different things you see on instagram and the Beauty Blender Liner Design. The Liner Design is a similar triangular guitar pick shape with the intention of helping you create flawless eyeliner, except its not a stencil, really just more of an edge guide. Now, while the Liner Design seems like an over priced guitar pick, I will say, its rubberized textured finish grabs the skin pretty well, so it seems like it’d move on the skin a whole lot less and would be pretty easy to position. Now, disclaimer, I’ve only felt and held the Liner Design, but never actually used it or touched it to my face. But it was something I recalled when I was struggling to hold this down securely next to my eye…

Now please note, through out this whole thing I didn’t try to touch up or fix the liner, I just let the stencil take the total lead and went with whatever was the end result.

Here we have the Gel attempt at the double wing option in the stencil. While not…atrocious, it’s not much better than some free handed work with practice. I think the thickness and stiffness of the angled liner made it kind of hard to really work into the stencil for clean and defined lines.

I feel like the smaller brush and the Tarteist Liner did a bit of a better job on this one, although also did not not come out like fantastic or anything.

I cleaned off the wings and tried to step it down a notch and just try the simple wing on both eyes. Again, I think the gel one was not as clean as the tarteist paint.

So..overall thoughts?

I actually found the angle liner to be almost too stiff for my liking. It was a bit pokey and scratchy and kind of push my gel liner around more than applied it. However, omg, I LOVE the smaller pointed brush. That thing can really get stuff done. I can see myself potentially finally nailing down tightlining with this thing, as I can see it getting really close to the lash line! Additionally, I think I could perhaps pull off some sharp freehand wings with the help of this guy here.

The stencil was…fun? I mean it was fun to try one out for the first time but I don’t honestly see myself ever really using it again. It was hard to position and keep straight while applying my eyeliner. I’m sure I could practice and learn how to use it better, but honestly, I’ll stick to practicing my freehand wings.

What do you think? Would you use a stencil like this? Or would you rather stick to the old fashion method of leaving it up to the fates?

As always, thanks for reading!




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13 thoughts on “Real Techniques Eye Detail + Define brush duo

  1. The stencil looks fun (and I love the look you created with it) but I’m sure I’d be a total disaster with it!! Haha. I need to practice liquid/gel liner more often because I am not very good at it!

  2. I almost got this set, too, because I was intrigued. Good to know it’s kind of as gimmicky as I was thinking. I love that small detail brush, though…I hope Real Techniques brings it out as a single or something!

  3. Your list of things to get right for the perfect winged liner had me lol-ing in real life! I was about to hit “confirm” on amazon to order these brushes when I found your blog. My question is: do you think the smaller, pointed itty bitty brush is equivalent to the Zoeva 310 spot liner brush? I’d rather save on RT than have to spend major $$ on an international Zoeva order. Anyways, great review and thanks in advance 🙂

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