Valentine’s Day Manicure

Hi All!

Oh, Valentines Day, how I can’t wait for you to pass. Not cause I have anything against the holiday, its not that at all. The reason that I so look forward to February 15th is actually because of ALL the wonderful valentines day candy that goes on clearance afterwards! 😀

Regardless, lets get into the manicure!

So, for whatever reason I had some major cheesy v-day vibes, like on a juvenile level. What is more middle school valentine’s day-esque than outrageous amounts of pink? To start off this maincure, I decided to lay down a base of OPI Alpine Snow, one of my favorite white polishes.

OPI Alpine Snow nail swatch

Next, to create a pink gradient I sponged more of Alpine Snow, OPI Small+Cute=<3, and OPI Spoken from the Heart on all of my nails except for the ring finger. For my accent nail, I applied 3 coats of OPI Say Hello Kitty. And in case you haven’t noticed, 3 out of the 4 polishes that I’ve used so far are from the OPI Hello Kitty collection, I was able to score a majority of the polishes from this collection at Ulta where they were at a deep discount! The pink shades from this collection are just absolutely perfect for a totally disgustingly pink Valentine’s Day manicure.

Now, I know what you might be thinking: “that’s a lot of OPI and Hello Kitty…is this a sponsored post?” And the answer is nope. I am absolutely not cool enough to be sponsored by anyone! </3 haha

Ombre nails: Alpine Snow, OPI Small+Cute=<3, and OPI Spoken from the Heart

Its SO pink, isn’t it? And while I dig it at this state, I still wanted this manicure to be quite extra. I’ll be honest, I’ve been waiting for a chance to use Julep Hartleigh, a topper with large and small white hexagon flakies and heart shaped glitter pieces. Hartleigh was much more fun than I expected, the glitter heart pieces were super abundant and easy to apply to the nail. No fishing needed at all! However, at the end of this, I realized the accent nail was a little too plain now, so I decided to top that with OPI On Pink & Needles, a multi sized pink hexagon topper.

Valentine's Day nail art featuring Julep Hartleigh

And there we have it, a ridiculously pink and juvenile Valentine’s day manicure! I am pretty pleased with myself and this maincure. This has all the perfect romantic v-day tropes! I totally felt 13 wearing this and just loved it.

Valentine's Day nail art featuring Julep Hartleigh

How do you like this glitter topper? Do you like over the top manicures or would you prefer something more subtle?

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading!



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  1. Valentine’s is just more expense for me, as February is birthday month in our family with almost a birthday everyday! Beautiful mani ♡

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