Milani Amore Matte Metallic Lip Creme

Happy Monday!

How is everyone today? I am rather tired today…however, I feel like I’m always tired, so this is really nothing new lol. So last week, I changed the pace of my makeup posts by switching it up and posting something aside from lipstick swatches. And while that was all fun and dandy, I finally picked up some of Milani’s Metallic Liquid Lipsticks and just couldn’t wait to share them here! So, let jump right in again 😉

So, Milani has FANTASTIC drugstore lipsticks. I have a few of their Amore Lip Cremes and just adore them. Most of the shades in that collection are just straight matte, with the exception of a few. I featured Milani’s Magnetic in the Holiday Red Lip Swatch post  I did late last year. When I first picked it up, I thought it was a part of the metallic collection and was surprised to learn it was part of the core collection, but with the description of a “pearl finish”. But Hey, whatever floats Milani’s boat, as long as we get awesome product I’m a happy camper.

The first color I immediately grabbed is probably the color I wanted the absolute most out of all of them. Milani in Chrome Addict is the most stunningly beautiful metallic color, it makes your lips look like they were dipped into a beige-y rose gold pool of metallic love. The finish is BRIGHT and so eye catching. Unfortunately for me, I think this color clashed on me and stood out in a unflattering way. But my goodness, is it not a beautiful color to just look at??

Milani Chrome Addict

Next color is Milani in Prismattic Touch, an absolutely lovely nude rose color. Despite being metallic, I actually felt like this color was almost..subtle? Totally wearable. Like…I might wear this into the office wearable. Its actually such a delicate looking color, I am looking forward to wearing this out in the future!

Milani - Prismattic Touch

Now here we have Milani in Overdramattic a ever so slightly darker rose toned pink. You just scrolled up and down to compare this one to Prismattic Touch didn’t you? I don’t blame you, with out them being side by side, I would say they look downright identical. Even in the tubes, its a bit hard to tell them apart (imagine how fun it was keeping these photos in order lol). So my thoughts on this one is very similar to above, its a gorgeous soft color that I think could be pulled off in every day life without being too extra.

Milani - Overdramattic

Now, what’s a metallic lip color without some red? This here is Milani in My Soulmatte, a dark red. I bought this before Christmas, and the day before Christmas Eve I opened it up to apply it only to realize someone had previously opened it and used it! The color was all around the edge of the tube and some of the excess around the top of the wand had crusted and it was just..ugh. All kinds of uggghhhh. I then ran around the near by Walgreens desperately tying to find a store with this color still in stock so I could exchange or just return. I actually dragged my poor father with me, which while unfortunate for him was very good for me. He spotted a misplaced tube of this shade and to my luck it was still totally pure and unused. I was so happy the store accepted the return and I was able to sport this color for Christmas! I mean, I may have gone a little overboard trying to get this color, but look at it! It was the perfect Christmas shade!

Milani - My Soulmatte

Side by Side Swatches:

This is Indoor light with “day bulbs”. Here you can see that Prismattic Touch and Overdramattic are very close in color, almost identical.

Milani - Metallic Liquid Lipstick Swatches

So I walked over to the other side of my tiny apartment and took a photo under the bathroom lighting, which has very warm soft light yellow bulbs. Here you can kind of see the differences a bit more, but its still only a hair or two shade difference. Lighting changes everything tho, these shades look SO different in this lighting.

Final Thoughts:

The formula for these liquid lipsticks is much more thin and watery compared to the other Milani Amore Lip Cremes. I was really impressed to find that they were not streaky AT ALL. They dry down matte very quickly and have a perfect metallic finish on the lips. They are actually quite comfortable to wear and is totally transfer proof. I didn’t get any transfer to my cups as I drank and didn’t smudge with kisses. I also found that it layered really well during reapplications. The staying power is pretty decent, not the greatest, but pretty decent. While these lasted through all my daily drinks (coffee and water…don’t be misinterpreting me! lol) it didn’t do so well against meals. But like I said, this did reapply very well as I layered touch ups over my lips after meals. So that is a redeeming factor in my eyes.

I picked up my shades at Walgreens, but I’ve seen these available at CVS, Walgreens, and of course their website. I picked them up for $7.99 a pop which is actually less then the milani website! And if you ever luck on any kind of BOGO sale at Walgreens or CVS, you can pick them up for a total steal! There are 15 metallic shades available. The color range includes, nudes, pinks, red, browns, and a random purple. While its a little limited, I think Milani is ahead of the game when it comes to drugstore liquid lipsticks, so kudos to them.

While I’m not sure how often I’ll wear the bolder shades out and about, I did enjoy playing with these and look forward to rocking them from time to time. And I promise you, I will wear either Prismattic Touch or Overdramattic to the office! I think I can pull it off 😉

So what do you think of these shades? Would you wear one of these or any metallic lipstick? Let me know!

Always, thanks so much for stopping by and reading!



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15 thoughts on “Milani Amore Matte Metallic Lip Creme

  1. These look awesome. The shades are simply gorgeous on you. I haven’t tried any of the Milani Lip Cremes even though everyone says how awesome they are because my Walgreens is always sold out of them 🙁 One of these days I will snag one or three.

  2. I wish I could pull off metallics, they look so pretty! But I have your typical thin white girl lips so I look absolutely ridiculous with any kind of frosty or shimmery lipsticks on 🙁 Matte & satin finishes for lyfe, haha!

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