Pink & Gold Manicure


So I haven’t posted a manicure in a month or so. I haven’t really been painting my nails lately and when I did, I didn’t do any nail art. So lets try to get back in the swing of things something simple, yeah?

I decided to do something simple, ya know to get my feet wet. Here we have three thin coats of Essie Peak Show, a lovely sheer pink polish.

Next I decided to stamp a swirly pattern from a plate that I cannot recall…or locate. I’m sorry. I think it fell into the 7th dimension when I wasn’t looking, that sometimes happens to my stuff…BUT any swirly pattern should suffice! I stamped the image onto my accent nail using Maybelline Bold as Gold, one of my favorite polishes to use for a gold stamp.

points to your respective Hogwarts house if you can tell which plate this is from…lol

Now while this design is nice and sweet for a little flair, I of course wanted more. I grabbed a glitter topper I got in this cute little nail polish trio from Too Cool For School. I would love to share the name…but its in Korean. And by Korean I mean straight up Hangul, my keyboard cannot handle this. So here’s a picture instead for fun!

Anyways, as you can see, this topper has both big chunky gold glitter pieces and smaller specks. I loved how it added a fun glam element to the manicure wile still feeling a bit simple.

I had so much fun wearing this manicure! I adored how the light was caught in this topper. I probably spent a bit too much time looking at my nails every day I wore this…but who doesn’t obsessively admire their nails? Oh…just me? Now I just feel silly!

What do you think? Topper vs no topper? Would you wear this mani?

As always thanks for stopping by and reading! <3


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  1. I like it both ways, with and without the topper. Without is very office friendly and with is great for a night out. I love how versatile polish can be.

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