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So, how many people are over the total lipstick takeover that has over run my blog for the last month or so? I thought so. Lipstick wasn’t always my obsession, long before lips were my obsession, I was (and still am) all about eyes. Eye makeup was my gateway makeup, it all started with eyeliner, lead into eyeshadow, and really, I haven’t looked back since!

Over Black Friday last year, Anastasia Beverly Hills had an AWESOME sale on their eyeshadow singles. Her eyeshadows, normally priced at $12 per shadow, were only $4.80 per shadow! That’s a total of 60% off and cheaper than MUG and MAC shadows (regularly priced at $6 per shadow). I had heard good thing about ABH shadows, especially palettes, so I was excited to take advantage of the sale and try these babies for myself.

In the end, I bought a total of 14 shades. Although it would have totally been 15 shades if Caramel hadn’t sold out within literally minutes! I think its totally safe to say I kind of had a ‘mood’ when I picked these up. the shades I selected are mostly matte and warm toned.

With my purchase I received two empty palettes to house my shadows, although you can pop these into any Z palette. I got an 8 well palette and a 4 well palette in my order. Since I ordered 14 shadows, I would have two remaining shadows, but I don’t mind. I actually like my mix of a large palette and a small palette considering if I had gotten two extras I would have only gotten two 8 well palettes.

So, curating the the shadows into palettes was a little bit more fun than I anticipated. For the 8 well palette I threw together:

  • Top Row L-R
    • Bone – a matte white ivory bone shade
    • Nude – a matte soft peach nude
    • Fresh Peach – a soft coral peach color with shimmer
    • China rose – a shimmery pink rose
  • Bottom Row L-R
    • Rose – a matte smoky pink with tons of shimmer
    • Warm Taupe – a matte dusty taupe shade
    • Dusty Rose – a matte mauve dusty rose
    • Red Earth – a matte deep reddish brown

Resetting everything, I wondered what I would put in the 4 well palette for a weekend get away. In the end my love for dusty mauve tones won and I threw together:

  • Rose
  • Red Earth
  • Nude
  • Dusty Rose

I know. Recycled colors from the first one, but I couldn’t help myself 🙂

I tried to put together a palette with some of the more brown neutral shades, but then noticed I kind of have close dupes in my own order! Oops 🙂 Below we have

  • Top Row L-R
    • Morocco – a matte brick red
    • Bangal – a warm brown with a slight satin finish
    • Burnt Orange – a matte deep toasted orange tone
  • Bottom Row L-R
    • Sienna – a matte rustic earthy red
    • Fawn – a matte warm brown
    • Orange Soda – a matte peachy nude orange

Time for swatches!

I swatched all of these with my finger and no primer underneath. I loved how all of these swatched and performed on a brush, all except for one. As you can see below, bone wasn’t very pigmented and it swatched a bit patchy. I tried to use it in a few eye looks later applying it with a flat brush over a primed eye lid, but it still under-performed in my opinion.

I have absolutely no complaints regarding any of these shadows. They all swatched beautifully and performed wonderfully with a brush on my eyes.

Beautiful right? I could totally not wait to put together a look using these shadows!

For this look, I used the colors in my little quad. I applied Nude to the brow bone and into the crease. I blended Dusty Rose into the crease, and applied Rose on the lid. to darken the look ever so slightly, I did apply Red Earth to the outer corners and brought the color a bit into the crease.

I love these shadows and love the way these colors performed. Do you have any ABH shadows in single or palette form? How do you feel about them?

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you soon!



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  1. I love lippie posts! Anyway, I’m upset I missed this sale! What a deal. I love the colors you chose and also like the option of the smaller palette. I’m keeping my eyes open for the next sale.

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