Marc Jacobs Beauty: Le Marc Liquid Lip Crème & Lip Pencil Review

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I’ve been kind of lip obsessed lately, haven’t I? I seem to go through phases of what I obsess over, and lipstick has been the latest one. Luckily for my little lipstick obsessed heart, I was recently sent the a Marc Jacobs VoxBox from Influenster. The box contained two lip products; their Poutliner Longwear Lip Liner Pencil and their  Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme.

Isn’t it pretty? But does it wear pretty? Lets find out!

Poutliner Longwear Lip Liner Pencil

I got their Pout Longwear Lip Liner Pencil in the color Primerose, an absolutely gorgeous soft dusty rose color. From First swatch, I was totally in love! The packaging for this pencil is very similar to the packaging they use for their highliner gel pencil (you know, the one that came with last year’s Sephora Birthday gift!). The formula is very smooth, I didn’t really feel it tug or drag on me as I applied it along the outline lips. I also found the formula to be pretty comfortable on its own, I totally see myself wearing this by itself without a lipstick on top.

One downside is that I suspect this pencil might be delicate. I had a small amount of mine snap off at the tip randomly. When I opened the lip liner to apply and when I pulled off the cap, I noticed the the tip of the pencil was jagged and looked broken. I then saw the nubby tip of the lip liner on my desk. While I was relieved only a tiny bit broke off, I was disappointed it broke off at all! I hadn’t dropped the pencil before, and it had only been in my travel makeup bag, making me think it may just be a delicate product. However, since then I haven’t experienced the pencil breaking off again, but just food for thought.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Poutliner Longwear Lip Liner Pencil in Primrose

Le Marc Liquid Lip Crème

I got the Le Marc Liquid Lip Crème in the shade Truth or Bare, also a dusty rose toned color, however, I will say that I feel the lip creme is brighter than the matching pencil I was sent. Now, before we move forward, I do want to clarify that this is literally a liquified version of a lipstick, not a liquid lipstick in the sense that its transfer proof. I clarify this, because I originally thought that’s what it was going to be haha.

The packaging the for this lipstick is nice and sleek, it also has a cute little peek-a-boo window at the bottom of the tube to show off the color! The formula for this is definitely thicker than the formula for the transfer poof lipsticks, but not as tacky as a gloss, and is true to color opaque. The product feels pretty comfortable on the lips, the formula is described as hydrating, and I would be inclined to agree. I will say that I find the product a bit difficult to spread in just one pass, I always found myself having to dip back in and grab more product at least twice.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Creme Truth or Bare

Overall thoughts

Obviously as stated before, this product is not transfer proof, so if you kiss, drink, eat, or anything of the sort, you will find your lipstick on all the things your lips have touched. This lipstick claimed to give an eight hour wear time, but I was highly suspicious.

This color is quite work appropriate, so I wore the lip creme and liner combo into the office. Now, at the office I am constantly drinking either coffee, tea, or water (ok…trying to drink water) and that really ate away at my wear time. The color transferred opaquely to my tumbler and my water bottle. I felt like I had to be a bit more careful than usual drinking to not smudge the color all over my face. But despite how much came off on my drinks, I was impressed how much color stayed through all that. However, that all came to and end after lunch. I checked my lipstick and saw that it had disappeared with my salmon and veggies, only the outline of my lips remained. So I reapplied.

Now, I wore this combo on the weekend as well where I am NOT constantly drinking, and I found that the wear time was a lot longer this time around. As the day went on, the color shine dulled out a bit (as I think the product just dried and wore out a little more) and after my meal, the color settled to a faded muted stain, which did look nice.

So moral of the story? The wear time highly depends on how much or how little you’re drinking, eating, or kissing.

Marc Jabocs arm Swatches

Do I recommend them? Yes and no. The formulas for these are pretty good and the packaging is beautiful. I find the colors that I got gorgeous, but the shade range of these products are limited to like 6 neutral nude shades each. Also, the price point is kind of high for each product at:

Pout Longwear Lip Liner Pencil – $24.00 

Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme – $28.00

But if you’re a lip product lover or someone who’s been wanting to hop on the liquid lip trend but cannot stand the bone drying formulas of the other liquid lipsticks, then you may want to give these a try!

But really, I find this to be a luxury spend. While I don’t think I’m likely to pick up another Liquid Lip Creme, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I do have my eye on those Pout Longwear Lip Liners. Come the Spring VIB sale, I will more than likely be picking up another one or two (nudist and slow burn, anyone?) because I really am into the smooth long lasting formula of these. The lip liner really made a difference in the wear time of the Lip Creme, so for that reason, Pout Longwear Lip Liner, you are the MVP of this post!

Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Liquid Lip Crème

What are your thoughts? Have you tried them? Would you try them? They’re available both at Sephora and the Marc Jacobs Beauty site!


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Disclaimer: I did receive the products mentioned in this post for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. These opinions are 100% my own. If you have any questions about my sponsored posts don’t hesitate to contact me!

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  1. Nice review. I love the shade and would wear it for work, but I agree, I would rather get a better performing lip creme at that price point.

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