Studded X: 3 Mini Lip + 3 Nail Polish Duos


Welcome back! Now if you stopped by earlier this week and read the re-launch of my GPH Series, then  you know that I scored pretty well at Marshalls recently. And if you were really paying attention, you may also recall me saying that there was one other item I picked up during that shopping trip that I was so excited about that I would be dedicating a whole post to it.

In case you just glossed over the title of this post, put your hands together and help me welcome Kat Von D to the blog for a special nail x makeup post!


Ok, so we don’t actually have Kat Von D here, but we do have her Kat Von D vs Formula X – Studded X: 3 Mini Lip – 3 Nail Duo set! In case you guys are unaware, I adore Kat Von D. I use to watch her show LA ink obsessively in high school. My mom hated me watching the show cause she was sure I’d get tatted up like no other. Jokes on you mom! My commitment phobic issues prevented me from ever getting one! That’s not much of a joke, is it? Oh well! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyways, I’ve visited Kat’s shop in LA a few times and own a number of items from her makeup line. When I first saw this set pop up on Sephora I immediately knew I wanted it! But when I saw it was listed for $30, I hesitated. I love Kat, I love lipstick, I love nail polish, but I couldn’t bring myself to order it. So I waited for it to drop.

Eventually it did! I can’t remember if it dropped to around $20 or $15, but regardless the price dropped. And for whatever reason I actually lagged on pulling the trigger and ultimately the set sold out fairly quickly! I was super bummed when it didn’t come back in stock and just resigned myself as a victim of missing out.


So just take a moment to imagine my face as I am walking the aisles of Marshalls in SF and suddenly spot a small stack of these on a shelf slightly obscured by a mountain of Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kits in Deep. Do you have a general image in you head? I can assure you I looked twice as stupidly excited as what you’re imagining!

It was like…like finding a long lost lover and finally being reunited because you were destined to be together! And destined to be together for the stupid low price of $9.99! I may have missed out on buying this set online, but shoot, I’ll take that disappointment in exchange for the awesome thrill of scoring this randomly AND cheaper!


 Look at them, they’re so beautiful! In this set, there is a Formula X polish created to perfectly  match three of Kat’s existing Studded Kiss Lipsticks. The colors featured in this set are:

  • Lovecraft: a matte nude pink lipstick that’s also a very popular shade from Kat.
  • Bauhau5: a deep matte berry shade
  • Homegirl: a dark matte blackberry shade


 Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Lovecraft lipswatch

The first shade I swatched was Lovecraft. This is one of Kat Von D’s most popular shades from her Studded Kiss collection and I honestly can see why! It is the most flattering dusty pink color, a perfect MLBB (my lips but better) shade.

The color does not show totally true to lipstick bullet on my lips, but that’s usually the case for me when it comes to  light toned lipsticks since my lips have a lot of natural pigment. However, I really do adore how this color looks on me! The formula for this lipstick is super comfortable, I loved wearing this!

Formula X nail polish in Lovecraft; Nail swatch

The nail polish is equally as amazing! The nail polish color shows a lot darker and truer to the lipstick tube and polish bottle. The formula is much like Formula X’s other polishes and applies very well and evenly. The color was flawless in just to easy coats!

Kat Von D with Formula X nail polish and lipstick in the shade Lovecraft

I’d say that this is easily my favorite shade from this set!


Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipstick swatch in BAUHAU5

Bauhau5 is a very pretty red based berry tone. This color applies pretty evenly and wears really comfortably. I didn’t really notice any application issues with this lipstick color. This color also didn’t show 100% true to the lipstick bullet, but I didn’t wear any lip liner or apply this in many layers. I’m sure if you wanted the ultra deep berry color to show on your lips, you can either line and fill in your lips with a matching lip liner, apply the lipstick in layers with a quick powder blot in between, or by concealing your lips before application.

Formual X nail polish swatch in BAUHAU5

The nail polish was also a total win. The color applied beautifully and to full even opacity in just two coats.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipstick and Nail Polish swatch in BAUHAU5

This is a solid duo, I really like these two!


Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipstick swatch in Homegirl

Lastly, we have Homegirl. Can you uh, can you tell I’m not thrilled about this one? I’m not sure if its cause I know how the rest of this face looked like or if you can really feel my disappointment in this color through this swatch. I promise you, I’m not terrible at applying lipstick. I’m not a instagram expert either, but I swear its not me here!

This color is just SO disappointing. I’d like to note that I did exfoliate my lips prior to swatching these colors and was very gentle in removing the colors in between pictures. There is no reason why this should apply so patchy on my lips! Yet here we are. This lipstick really dragged, skipped, and pilled. I could not, for the life of me, get this to apply decently! I tried adding another pass to even out the coverage, but I think the second layer made it worse!

If you ever happen upon this lipstick, I hope it works out a lot better for you. And if it doesn’t, lip liner. Let your lip liner carry this color into wearablilty

Formula X nail polish swatch in Homegirl

On the other hand, this nail polish is gorgeous! Look at that vampy red color! I know fall is pretty much over, but man, I want to keep wearing this color all winter long!

Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipstick and Formula Nail polish swatch in Homegirl

So, basically really lame lipstick, but totally stunning polish!

Final Thoughts

I am thrilled I scored this set for a mere $9.99! I honestly cannot imagine my disappointment if I had ordered this for the retailed price of $30. Maybe I’m just cheap, but these polish bottles are TINY! I really don’t know how long they’d last application wise. The lipstick size is the size that usually pops up for sets or 100pt Sephora perks. I mean really, it is typical Sephora pricing for a set like this, but I just can’t see myself being satisfied with my purchase had I bought it at that point.

 But at $10? Total steal, all 3 of the polishes (while small) are gorgeous additions to my collection and 2 out of the 3 lipsticks are solid! I think I will burn through the mini Lovecraft lipstick in a flash. It has already been added to my every day bag to serve as one of my ‘on the go’ makeup bag staples. I’m pretty sure I’ll come for the full size after I’m through with the mini and Sephora holds a sale.

Which duo did you guys like best? Would you pick this up if you saw it on the shelves of Marshalls? Let me know!

As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you guys have a great weekend! I’ll catch up with you guys Monday!



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  1. I love that these were made to match. I don’t keep up with mainstream as much as I should, so thank you for reviewing these! I’m going to have to keep an eye out for them.

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