GPH: Marshalls Mini Haul


Does anyone else struggle to get back to work after a long holiday? Or am I just supremely lazy and struggle regardless? Yesterday was a brutal Monday, could not get out of bed. I’m already wishing it was Friday lol.

Anyways, I wanted to reintroduce an old series I had on my blog prior to my hiatus. If you’ve poked around here earlier this year, you may recall reading my “Good Polish Hunting” series, in which I share with you my in person polish finds. I feel like I’m perpetually broke and am always stalking the clearance aisles to get my beauty fixes.

Some of the stores I frequent for super discount Polish is Marshalls, TjMaxx, Ulta, Sally’s and so on. I’ve still been feeding my polish addiction via these avenues, however I haven’t shared any of my finds. Lets change that today!

I started a new job back in September and I now find myself working in the Financial District of SF, which puts me VERY close to the shopping in Union Square. It was only until last week that I decided to finally walk out towards that direction after work and check out what kinds of finds I could stumble across. I saw a Marshalls and immediately thought “This will either be amazing or disappointing” and darted in.

It was amazing. Easily Amazing! So much makeup and nail polish! Ugh I wanted everything! But I held back and only purchased A FormulaX The System set, a Butter London Top and Tails set, a black Sally Hansen polish, a Jessica matte black polish, and an item I was so excited about, its gonna have its own post later this week!

Base Coats

The Formula X set was scored for $9.99 and it includes full size bottles of their Cleanser, Primer (base coat), and Top Coat. I’ve never tried the Formula X base/top coat products, but I’ve heard good things. I also have liked all the polishes I’ve used from them, so I’m pretty excited to try them out. Also pretty curious to see if the Cleansing step makes any difference vs just using acetone.

The Butter London set also was pried at $9.99 and included two very big bottles of base and top coat. I got a mini version of these two back in a Previous GPH Post from March of this year. I enjoyed using them, but never tried getting the full sized versions cause…well, Butter London can be a bit pricier than what I’m use to spending on base and top coat.

Base Coats2

The other two polishes which are not pictured because I simply forgot to photograph them were both $1.99, which is a total steal in my book. I was one happy polish addict as I left the store.

Have you tried either of these base/topcoats? What was your experience. And if you haven’t tried these out, let me know what’s your Ride or Die base/topcoat!

Till next time and as always, thanks for reading!



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30 thoughts on “GPH: Marshalls Mini Haul

    • The first time I saw it, I thought it was a nude polish. This is such a good idea and I know I’ll be trying it, thanks for sharing!

  1. That’s an amazing deal on the butter London!!! I love their matte top coat and would love to try out more from them so I will keep my eye out for this set. Thanks!

  2. How can you tease us about something great you found without telling us what??
    That looks like a great haul though 🙂 I don’t get to Marshalls much but a while ago I picked up a set of OPI Color Paints minis there!

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