Fall/Thanksgiving Manicure

Hi all!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am so excited for today, mostly because I just adore food and cannot wait for ham and pumpkin pie! Speaking of pumpkin pie, every once in a while my mom decides to make pumpkin pie from scratch, as in a pumpkin and not can, and this is one of those years. Also…my brother and I may or may not have already eaten one of the pies last night.

My mom loves the holidays. She decks out the house in decor for thanksgiving and the second Friday hits, she flips the entire home and suddenly the house is drenched in Christmas. My manicure for this thanksgiving is inspired by one of the Thanksgiving runners my mom would use for our thanksgiving table in previous years.

I know in the end the design is actually quite generic, but it really makes me think of thanksgiving at my mom’s.

The runner was a pale yellow gold and covered in fall leaves of soft colors.

So to start this mani off, I grabbed my bottle of OPI in Rollin in Cashmere, a polish from their 2014 Gwen Stefani Holiday collection. I adore this color, its soft and festive without being in your face about it. The only downside is that you can sort of see a tiny bit of brush strokes, but its not as apparent as with metallic polishes.

OPI in Rollin in Cashmere Thanksgiving Nail Art

For the stamp, I used a Ejiubas nail stamping plate that I got off of Amazon and picked a leaf design. I filled in the leaves with a variety of colors. I used:

Nars in Sharplines Left a soft peachy orange.

Revlon in Balsam Fir for the dark leafy green.

OPI in Over the Taupe for a soft taupe brown.

And a mini red Essie polish that doesn’t have a color label :/

OPI in Rollin in Cashmere Thanksgiving Nail Art

I really love how it turned out with the single accent nail and matte finish.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! Stay warm, full, and happy!



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18 thoughts on “Fall/Thanksgiving Manicure

  1. You mani looks so stylish- you are lucky that your mom does things like that. In my entire life my mom have never gone all out for anything. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in South Africa, but we do celebrate Christmas, but my mom have only done the Christmas tree when we were kids, then later on she just have stopped in said we not kids anymore so you can put the tree up yourselves.

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