Missha Nail Polish Look


Happy Thursday!

Although I wish I was saying happy Friday instead. This week has been RIDICULOUSLY long. I had a ton going on at work and someone broke into my car this week. Recipe for total fun, right?

So pardon my lack of Tuesday post, but allow me to present you with this week’s look. So, some time ago I ventured to Seoul and hauled back a butt load of cosmetics of all varieties. In addition to the makeup and skin care, I also brought back some polishes that for whatever reason I haven’t used until this week.

As I shopped my stash for inspiration for a simple fall inspired look, I stumbled upon my unused polishes from Korea. And I must’ve been in a fall mood when I was shopping at Missha, because the three polishes I picked up from there matched pretty for an autumn color scheme!

The three polishes I used for this look are Missha’s Lucid Nail Polish in RD07 for my index and pinky nails, a reddish mauve color? Is that how you’d describe it? Gosh, why am I blanking so much today?

For my thumb, middle, and ring finger I applied PK17, a pinky nude polish. I then sponged a few layers of GGL0 over the ring and thumb.


And there we have it! I haven’t done a full on mix and match type manicure in a while. I am fairly happy with this look and have gotten quite a few comments on this manicure! Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to channel my inner bear and sleep till well past winter.




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18 thoughts on “Missha Nail Polish Look

  1. So sorry about your week and hope things start to look up for you! It’s funny you mention how you were in a fall mood when you bought those because I do the same lol! Whenever I receive polishes I ordered, I look at them and usually like I must have been in a *insert season* mood lol! End of August I had purchased a bunch of spring/summer shades and didn’t realize till I got home .. fall being right around the corner didn’t help lol

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