Maybelline SuperStay 24 Color Review


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Notice anything different? Like the fact that we’re back a bit early this week? I have a confession to make, nails polish was not my first first love, makeup was and is!

I have done some makeup related posts in the past, however it hasn’t really been a regular thing. Now that I feel like I have the twice a week nail thing kind of going well, I’m thinking of adding a once a week makeup/beauty related post on Mondays.

So to welcome our first regularly scheduled series, lets kick things off with a review!


The Product:

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color

What it is:

A liquid lipstick product that has the lip color in a tube on one end and a lip balm sealer on the other. This product comes in 30 different shades, here we have a nude pink with shimmer and a classic red cream.


The Review:

The first shade I tried was Constant Toast, a nude pinky shade with very fine gold shimmer. While these lipsticks are described as ‘super saturated’ I actually found this one to be quite sheer. The first application of this was quite streaky and uneven, I noticed that the glitter really settled in the fine lines of my  lips. It was just kind of overall unflattering. After the first application dried, I applied a secondary coat to try and even it out before topping it off with the balm. As you can see, while it helped the streakiness, it didn’t cure the problem. The glitter also disappeared quite a bit after the balm. Overall, I just was not very impressed with this

Maybelline SuperStay 24 Color Lipstick in Constant Toast

The second shade is Keep Up The Flame. After my experience with the first color, I wasn’t really expecting anything from this shade. To my surprise the color applied in a very smooth and creamy fashion! The color was opaque and even in one coat. I only did a second coat to clean up the edges and fine tune the end look. I added the balm for a comfortable shine and was quite happy with the final look of this lipstick.

Maybelline SuperStay 24 Color Lipstick in Keep up the Flame

Overall thoughts:

Lets start with some pros and cons;


  • 30 Shade color variety
  • Reasonable price of $10.49
  • Widely available in drugstores and online
  • Pretty comfortable after balm application
  • Very long wearing


  • Based off of my two samples, the formula seems hit or miss
  • This formula is a struggle to remove. Like, for real
  • You have to be VERY careful during application
  • If you forget the balm, it can be uncomfortable
  • No unconventional colors available


Some tips if you decide to pick this up, I recommend you to have a GREAT makeup remover on hand to help you melt this off at the end of the day. I had such a hard time getting it off. I rubbed my lips to oblivion and still had product in the morning. This may be a plus for some, but I’m way too lazy to wrestle my lipstick off at the end of the night.

After you apply and are waiting for the color to dry before the balm, don’t touch your lips together. I pressed my lips together with the red shade and parts of the color peeled off.

A shopping tip, pick this up at Ulta if you can, they frequently have $3.50 off $15 drugstore product purchase coupons, which is great!

In all honesty, I may or may not pick up another shade from this range. Personally I am a matte liquid lipstick type of gal, so the high shine of this product isn’t in line with my preferences. If you do love that glamorous high shine look, def look into this!

Final score:


Have you tried this lipstick? What are your thoughts on it?

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll see you guys tomorrow!


DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free for testing and review purposes. The thoughts an opinions in this review are 100% completely unbiased and my own. If you have any questions or concerns, let me know! 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Maybelline SuperStay 24 Color Review

  1. I’ve been using these since they first launched, and the formulas are definitely hit or miss. In my experience, the darker shades usually apply nicely but the lighter versions like Constant Toast are streaky.

  2. While I love matte liquid lippies, I wasn’t a huge fan of these when they first launched, but I bought two lighter shades. Keep Up The Flame looks fabulous on you. I should try some of the deeper shades and see how they do.

  3. I’ve never tried these, but I’ve heard the lighter shades tend to be more finicky than the darker ones. I do think the deeper shade is pretty! I’m a matte lipstick girl, though and I couldn’t handle the glossy look.

  4. I purchased a shade when I was looking for a lipstick to wear at my wedding, but ended up returning it because it was too high maintenance and I didn’t want to have any issues on such a big day, lol

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