Distressed Denim: Blue/Grey Ombre for Hair and Nails!

Hello everyone!

Happy Thursday, just out of curiosity, does anyone else have Friday off for Veteran’s Day? I am excited to say that I do! I have so been over due for a long weekend and can certainly use one before the hectic craze that the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years holiday season brings.

Anyways, If you flow me on my personal Instagram, you may already know that this past Saturday I journeyed to the Salon to get my hair done by one of my good friends. While I was originally thinking of having another round of silver fox/granny hair, my friend had other ideas. I let him take the wheel and I can honestly say NO REGRETS!

I mean just look at this balayage he did for me! Instead of going straight silver he opted in a direction that involved using some smoky blue and steel grey tones. The end result? Distressed Denim!




Oh, we’re back? Sorry, I wasn’t done obsessively staring at this photo! I love this color so much! So much, that I decided to give myself some nails to match! 😀

To create the smoky feel of my new hair, I grabbed OPI’s My Gondola Or Yours? A sooty black polish with very subtle shimmers. Since this black is not intense, it sometimes comes across a very dark grey tone in my eyes. Here we have two thin coats.

OPI's My Gondola Or Yours?

And because I’m one hell of a rebel with cool hair, the next steps of this mani involved sponging lighter colors over this dark base. Yeeeeahhh…throwing some anarchy into the polish world by not using a white base for this, I know you feel me! 😉

I went into my blue polish drawer and started to fish for colors that made me feel like they belonged in my hair.


The colors that ended up making the cut were obviously My Gondola Or Yours? to mimics my roots, Essie Mind Your Mittens and Style Cartel  to start the blue transition down to the tips, and Maybelline’s Blue Blaze for that metallic and distressed feel.


After I sponged the colors in the order they were mentioned above, I still felt like something was kind of lacking. So I added a few dots of China Glaze’s For Audrey at the bottom section of the makeup sponge that I used to create my ombre and some additional dots of Blue Blaze. I dabbed that over the tips of the nail and was finally satisfied with my polish cocktail.


This crazy random cocktail captured the spirit of my hair in my opinion! The only downside I find whenever I create a color cocktail like this is…I never know what bottle to pose with. I mean the colors I used are so far gone from their original look that it makes no sense to pose with them! But at the same time, I am so terrible at posing freehand without a bottle as a prop.


Also, I wanted a picture showing my nails with my hair , I snaped a few pictures and they were all kinds of awkward. I then realized there is absolutely NO natural way to pose your nails against your hair. I challenge any one of you to! And if you succeed, well, I will just admit I’m a failure! lol

Thanks so much for stopping by. If you stuck with this post despite all of my obsessive raving of my new hair you deserve this here high five!

High Five!

Let me know what you think about the nail and/or hair! I’ll catch you guys around next week.



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