Essie Cashmere Coat Couture Nail Art

Hi All,

Did you have a fun weekend? Mine was rather busy! I can’t believe that the holidays are upon us (Thanksgiving is only a few more weeks away??). And although the festive season is essentially here, I’m skipping festive nail art for this week. Instead, I wanted to bring you a cozy work appropriate manicure.

For this look I took Essie’s Coat Couture from their Cashmere Mattes collection. This is a GORGEOUS purple toned ‘greige’ that has an beautiful understated purple to teal micro glitter shift. I tried my absolute best to capture both the color and the shift of this polish, but alas, it was a challenge a bit to great for me I think. These pictures don’t do the color justice, its so much more lovely in person!


The camera was able to pick up a bit of  the color shift in the bottle of this photograph. Just beautiful, isn’t it?? Here we see two thin coats of this polish which dried to a satin matte finish without any topcoat.


True to my own fashion, I can’t leave any polish alone without adding a little something something. I grabbed my BC-08 plate from the Born Pretty Store and grabbed the middle loopy scribble print and stamped that all over my nails using Maybelline’s Blue Blaze, a frosty blue toned metallic polish,  on all the fingers. I added a secondary stamp using the deep red toned purple color Iris from Zoya onto the ring finger to add a tiny bit more flair.


Although matte looks nice, I felt that the matte finish just subdued the designs too much. I mean I wanted subtle work appropriate nails, but there’s a difference between a ‘ barely there’ design and a totally underwhelming one. With that in mind, I added a nice layer of Seche Vite to my nails to give this look a nice high gloss look and bring out the designs a little. I felt a lot more satisfied with this finish.coatcouturenailart2

Well there you have it! I must say, I have mixed feelings about this look. I adore the polish  (and pretty much every polish from the cashmere collection), but I am not completely happy with this. Oh well, maybe later this week will be better.

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19 thoughts on “Essie Cashmere Coat Couture Nail Art

  1. You know, I never managed to get a bottle of this. I wanted it so bad! I don’t really even like mattes but I would have worn this so much. I actually gasped when I saw the stamping, it’s the perfect size and shape for this color!

  2. During Winter time i would gives my nails a Matt finish, but this year i haven’t oh well there’s always next year, since now i’m all for brights and glosses, since it’s Summer time at last!

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