Red Sweater Print for Fall


Tis Thursday! One more day before Friday and only two days away from Saturday. I am super excited for Saturday, I have a very important date! Do you guys have any fun plans for this weekend?

So, although I do love Halloween and all the great manis that come with it, I am happy to be getting into November. I love the warm red, orange, and burnt yellow tones that you start to see everywhere. I also love that we get to transition to sweater season cause while I missed the train for bikini bods this summer, my oversized sweater body is ready and on point!

For this manicure, I grabbed this gorgeous Essie Polish I found on clearance for $3 while shopping recently. Its called Berry Naughty and as you can see its a gorgeous deep red wine tone. Two coats of this and I was almost ready to just sport this mani as is.


Next, I grabbed my Y019 stamping plate that I picked up from the Born Pretty Store which features a lot of diamond designs you typically see on sweaters. You guys know the sweater designs that I’m talking about right? For all my nails except my ring finger, I stamped the simple cross etched design on the top right hand of the plate. This picked up and stamped pretty easily across all the nails.


For the ring finger, I grabbed the lower left hand corner design. This one….stamps kind of temperamentally. I didn’t want to take any chances so I decided stamp until I picked up the image as perfectly as I could, applied topcoat to the stamper then once dry pressed the image onto my nail to get the image to transfer perfectly. I cleaned up the edges and excess polish then topped it all with Seche Vite and was pretty pleased with the final result!


A day later, I decided to try a matte top coat and while I kind of liked the result, I way preferred the glossy finish over the matte (for once). Pardon this photo, between the matte top coat and different lighting, the color looks just a shade darker. In the end I reached for my Seche Vite bottle and went back to a glossy finish.


Are you guys sweater weather fans? Do winters even allow sweater weather where you guys live?

That’s all for this week, thanks so much for stopping by!



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16 thoughts on “Red Sweater Print for Fall

  1. This is gorgeous and would look perfect with what I’m wearing to Indie Shop on Saturday! I may have to do this tomorrow depending on what draws my attention in my stash.

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