Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Nail Art


How was everyone’s Halloween? I hope it was all fun and safe. I can’t believe Halloween is over and the month of October has passed. The end of October not only marked Halloween, but it also marked my full return to blogging! This has been my first month posting twice a week since I ended my hiatus, so this is rather exciting for me and feels like an accomplishment!

Anyways, as some of you may or may not know, today is the first day of Dia De Los Muertos (aka Day of the Dead). For those of you that may not know, Dia De Los Muertos is a holiday celebrated in Mexican which takes place on November 1st and 2nd. The purpose of this holiday is to come together to remember and celebrate the memory of those who have passed. Traditionally, these celebrations are full of color, life, and delicious food. Most people on the internet are probably familiar with the Sugar Skull, one of the holiday’s most iconic images, due to the overwhelming amount of Sugar Skull tutorials that hit YouTube around Halloween. There are also a lot of beautiful Sugar Skull manicures out there as well. But for my tribute to this holiday, I wanted to take a slightly different approach.

When searching for my inspiration, I thought back to a conversation with my mother. I’ve always been curious of the Dia De Los Muertos celebrations in Mexico and still hope to attend one some time in the future. I asked my mom “what comes to mind when you think of Dia De Los Muertos? Like..anything, image, color, smell…

My mom replied with a simple “Orange.

When I asked her of all the images and all the colors that are present in this holiday why would she pick orange, she replied “because of the Cempasúchil flower“.

Image Credit: Google

Turns out that while the Sugar Skull gets most of the attention as the symbol for the holiday, the Cempasúchil flower is also a iconic symbol for Dia De Los Muertos. The Cempasúchil flower is essentially a Marigold flower which blooms during the rainy seasons of Mexico which bring them just in time for the November celebrations. These flowers are heavily used in the adornments for this holiday and are referred to as the Day of the Dead flower. They are a gorgeous flower, so I used the photo above I found on google as my inspiration for this manicure.

I started off with applying two coats of Butter London’s Silly Billy, a beautiful bright pumpkin orange color which is fully opaque in two coats. I used the flower images on the top right hand side of the Y013 stamping plate from the Born Pretty Store. I stamped the flowers first in white using Mundo De Unas Stamping Polish and then used Butter London’s East End, a mustard yellow polish, to add some layered depth with the petals.


I was pretty happy with how this looked, but…much like last week’s post, I kept going. I grabbed my Chromatic Orange from OPI’s Water Paints collection and applied the sheer polish over the stamping. Although its difficult to see in the photograph, the different tones of the stamping peaked out and created a nice illusion of multi toned depth and shade to the flowers, much like the photo above.


I really love this, even for just a nice subtle floral manicure. But this is a Day of The Dead manicure, and although Marigolds are a part of the inspiration, we have to add another layer to really make this manicure inspired and festive for the occasion.

I grabbed the plate that probably everyone who has ever tried stamping owned at least once at some point in time, the Dia De Los Muertos/Halloween go to plate; BM-413. I personally dislike the BM plates…the set that that plate came in was my first and last BM set. The whole thing was hit and miss with the etching, so at least half of my set was unusable. I’ve heard they’ve gotten better and I haven’t tried any of the new plates, but this set that I got off of amazon was really terrible.

However, the BM-413 plate does stamp, with the right scrape, right stamper, and right polish (MDU Black). I stamped the image and then filled it in with some soft colorful shades to bring some celebration to this mani. I also added some white dots in a big to little pattern curling around the cuticle for some added flair.


Top everything with topcoat and there you have it, a Dia De Los Muertos mani that I know my mom would love. And not just cause I’m her kid 😉


So what do you think? Did you read my incredibly long post and learn something new? Or did you already know and just scroll through for the pictures? Let me know what stage of the mani was your favorite!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by, I look forward to seeing you later this week! <3



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21 thoughts on “Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Nail Art

  1. I did know of Day Of the Dead (my father is Mexican & mother lived in Mexico for a while), but I still read through your post! 🙂 I actually loved every part of the mani – because each part was totally a different mani! Flowers, pond mani, then the skulls. Perfection!

  2. I did know of Day Of the Dead (my father is Mexican & mother lived in Mexico for a while), but I still read through your post! ? I actually loved every part of the mani – because each part was totally a different mani! Flowers, pond mani, then the skulls. Perfection! (SORRY – forgot to leave my name, so the other comment is anonymous. 🙂

  3. Very pretty! I live in a small family-oriented town with a decently sized Mexican population, and every year we have a Day of the Dead festival that ends with a light procession. Everyone is welcome to participate, and it is so much fun to attend.

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