Subtle Smoky Halloween Stamping Nail Art


It is Thursday, which means you survived hump day! Congrats! Today I come back to you with yet another Halloween Nail art. Tired of those yet? I hope not cause Halloween is still 5 days or so away!

One of my co-workers commented that my last mani was a bit creepy, so this time I decided to try to get something kind of creepy, but still cute. To get started I grabbed my trusty Moyou London Gothic 05 Plate…ok sure I only own 2 of Moyou London’s Gothic plate collections and I decided to use this one twice this month. Sue me. The other has XL images and not of the images I wanted!

MoYou London Gothic Collection 05 Stamping Plate

I grabbed the stitched image on the lower right hand corner and stamped that using Mundo De Una’s stamping polish in Black over all of my nails except the ring. For the ring finger, I grabbed the bat image on the tip right hand corner of the plate. Oh gosh, I hear someone calling me out for using the bat image again! -.- sorry! It’s worth it, promise!

Halloween Negative Stamping nail art

You could stop here and throw on some top coat (as pictured above) for a very simple and minimalistic manicure. If you’re like me and have some minor staining on your nails from the constant painting, you could leave that to add to the halloween effect or just do a coat or two of sheer pink polish then stamp.

However that’s not where I stopped, because I do not know where to stop. Next I grabbed Sally Hansen’s Big Smoky Top Coat  and applied three very thin layers of the sheer smoky black polish to create a bit of hidden depth to the manicure. Now, the designs are a lot more subtle and the halloween spirit playfully peaks out at you.

Sheer Halloween nail art manicure using Sally Hansen Big Smokey top coat

And you could stop there…but again I don’t know where to stop! How do I make this cuter?  A french tip maybe? Lets see how that looks…

Halloween Sheer bat and stitch manicure

I applied OPI’s Matte top coat over the smoky sheer polish and then applied China Glaze’s Liquid Leather on the tips to create an contrasting matte/glossy mani. I feel like the matte top coat hid the images underneath even more, but I still was digging it.


What if the whole manicure was matte? Would it be better than a glossy tip? Or did I just go to far and should have left it alone some steps ago?

Halloween Sheer bat and stitch manicure

I don’t know you tell me.

All I know for sure is this is how I waste an entire night. And this not knowing how to stop is a prevalent problem in my life which plagues me constantly.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by! I look forward to seeing you here once more next week!



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