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After an incredibly drawn out hiatus…I’m back!

I dropped off the map, no warning or notice. So much has gone on in my world since my last post, I don’t even know how to begin to explain my absence! But this isn’t a personal blog of my life, so I won’t go into great detail about what happened, but I’ll give you the TL;DR version.

TL;DR: Work got beyond busy, long hours took over. I just no longer had the time to dedicate to growing my blog, which was a real shame since I had some things planned that I never got to execute. Soon afterwards hit a rough patch with my health. Right when I was about to jump back into blogging, I got assigned out of state for an extended period of time and had to extend my hiatus. But finally, after a few changes here in there, I have finally found some stable routine in my life and am happy to be back!

I apologize again and hope to win back the wonderful readers I lost during my hiatus! Now, lets jump in with my come back mani, shall we?

After thinking a bit about what kind of Manicure I wanted to return with, I went with one of my favorite polishes ever, China Glaze’s For Audrey. I absolutely love this Tiffany Blue polish for many reasons, so it felt like a natural choice 🙂 I also came to the decision that that I wanted to go all out for my return, studs, stamping, and free hand art!

I painted my thumb, ring, and pinky nails with two coats of For Audrey. For my middle and ring finger, I did one coat of Zoya Sue, a soft satin ivory color with a velvet matte finish. I layered Revlon’s Fresh Linens over Sue as I find Fresh Linens to be very streaky on its own, requiring too many layers for even coverage. Plus, I think they look perfectly like parchment paper when layered over one another!


Now that the base for my mani was done, time for the decorations!  I wanted a very romantic feel for this manicure, as I was feeling very amorous lately. Anyone follow me on Instagram? You know why 😉

Since my middle and ring finger looked so much like parchment, I wanted to stamp some gold script. After digging around my plate collection, I pulled out Moyou London’s Literature Collection plate number 02. I took two of the passages written in cursive to stamp using Maybelline’s Bold Gold.


To add more flair, I decided to do some free hand vintage roses over the stamped script. I grabbed a random dark navy blue, azure, and cyan blue from my collection to create the vintage blue. Using a dotting tool I made ambiguous shapes and dragged the colors around to form the flowers. Next, I used a bright neon green with a dark forrest green dragged in to create the leaves.


I was overall very happy with the appearance of my middle and ring finger! However, my index and pinky were left looking embarrassingly bare. To balance the look without detracting from the main event, I decided to add some studs! I placed a large circular stud at the bottom center of the nail near the cuticle, I then placed a smaller stud just above that.


I rarely photograph my thumb, mostly because I am terrible at posing with my thumb and can never do it without making it seem like my thumb is strangling my polish bottle. But since I did a different design, I decided I could try (and fail). For my thumb I did a flower on one corner of my nail and placed a stud on the opposite side.

And there you have it!

What do you think?

Thanks for those who swung by to check out my new post! I’m really happy  and appreciative to have you back  as a reader 🙂




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  1. Hello – nice to meet you, this is the first time I’ve come across your blog and I’m off to find you on Instagram. This is such an amazing mani, I love the details in the nail art!

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