Blue Floral Nail Art


Welcome back everyone, I hope your weeks have been going swimmingly!

Today I’m back to you with a free hand nail art look! Honestly, I can’t remember how long its been since I’ve done a strictly freehand nail only nail art look. I suppose I am I am seriously over due, so lets dive in!

Selecting a polish for this look was kind of…hard. Every polish I was drawn to was an Essie polish. And I don’t know if any of you may have any of you noticed that Essie has been dominating my blog lately? I feel like when I look at my blog or my IG, I’m just always holding an Essie polish. But I Swear, not sponsored haha! Too small for that, however, if by chance you are lurking around here Essie…we’d b e great together 😉

But anyways-

Since I went with muted pastel colors for my last nail look, I decided to turn up the vibrancy. China Glaze in License and Registration Pls seemed like the perfect polish for the job. I picked up this polish and many others during a rather successful polish haul from Ulta about a month ago. Funny story, I went to get a pedicure (cause I rarely ever do my own toes oddly enough) and picked out this polish at the Salon. I was admiring it oh so much during my appointment and was wondering why I didn’t have it in my personal collection. An hour later on an Ulta run I found this polish in the clearance section and I was elated! Like it was meant to be! <3

China Glaze nail polish swatch in License and Registration Pls

I did three coats for my nail look today. I could have gotten away with two easily, but I was off my game and and originally missed the side of my nails on a few fingers, so I went with three to make sure everything blended in well, if that makes sense. For the actual nail art, I decided to go with something pretty simple and easy do to, dotticure flowers! I grabbed China Glaze White on White and dotted four to five dots in little circles on my thumb, index, middle, and pinky finger. For my ring, I opted to use Essie in Sea The Sights, sorry guys, couldn’t resist a little bit of Essie haha.

License and Registration Pls Floral Manicure

I was going to dot some yellow polish in the center of these flower petals, but it just felt too lazy. So I grabbed some plain ol studs and started to place them in the center of each flower to give it some edge. Afterwards I topped it all with a nice coat of Seche Vite and called it a night!

License and Registration Pls Floral Manicure

I’m actually rather happy with this look, its a nice introduction back into freehand nail art. Maybe sometime soon I’ll try something a bit more complicated!

Let me know what you think about this mani and I really hope to see you guys at my blog next week, I’m actually really excited for Tuesday’s post (and probably Thursday’s too!), I can’t wait to share! But for now, thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful rest of your weeks!



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