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Happy Thursday! How is everyone doing? Excited its almost the weekend?

Today’s post is another edition of Good Polish Hunting, yesterday I found myself off of work a little early and decided to stop by the shops for a bit. I live close by a shopping center that has both a Sally’s Beauty Supply and Marshalls, very good and very bad for any individual with a polish addiction 😉

I stopped by Sally’s Beauty Supplies first, right off the bat as soon as I walked through the door I could see a mini display on a lower shelf advertising “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” on the clearance polish!


The polishes on clearance included a lot of Finger Paints polishes, ORLY, ORLY Flexible color, China Glaze, China Glaze gel colors, a few OPI colors, a variety of So Easy Stripe Rite polishes, and other random brands. Most of the polishes were between the price of $2-$8. The more “expensive” clearance polishes were the gel polishes, but most of the non gel polishes averaged around $4.


I was tempted by MANY of the polishes, especially the ORLY Flexible Color, however for whatever reason, I ended up skipping out on them. In the end I selected 6 polishes for a total of $16 after tax!

ORLY nail polish swatch in Ingenue

The first polish I selected was an ORLY polish named “Ingenue” an iridescent polish with warm rosy and lilac tones saturated with very fine gold glitter. When I first saw it on the shelf, it looked like a deep purple, but when I picked it up I noticed a thick layer of gold flakes and glitter at the bottom. I shook the bottle for a bit and was excited with how beautifully the color looked! Although when I got home and swatched it I was surprised with how sheer and light the color actually applied! In the bottle it seemed much deeper and opaque. But I am very happy with how gorgeous this polish is, this swatch is two coats.

I accidentally left the bottle on its side and so here you see a lot of the gold resting on the front of the bottle. I shook it as best as I could, but I couldn’t get the gold to distribute super evenly in the bottle, so please excuse the overly gold bottle.

Finger Paints nail polish swatch in Golden Glaze

The next polish I selected was Finger Paints in “Golden Glaze” a very cool toned gold polish. The consistency of this as you can see in the swatch was a bit thick. It applied opaquely in just one coat, but left a textured bumpy surface, I applied a second coat to even it out. I’m not entirely sure if the polish is this way because of the formula or if its just an old polish that needs a little thinner. Regardless, I’ll probably use some thinner next time I use it.

OPI nail polish swatch in Where did Suzie's Mango?

Next polish I picked up 90% because of the name. OPI names are usually ridiculous and make more bad puns than any uncle on Earth. This polish’s name? “Where did Suzie’s Mango?”

I’ll give every one a second to shake their head.

Ok, so back to the polish, its a gorgeous apricot (is it wrong I’m using another fruit to describe this color?) cream finish. This applied smoothly in two coats.

Fingers Paints nail polish swatch in Primitively Posh

Here we have Finger Paints in “Primitively Posh” a dusty rose gold polish incredibly fine gold shimmers. This polish is opaque, I could have gotten away with one coat, but I went with two for this swatch. I really love this as a nude polish for the days I don’t feel like calling attention to my nails around the office.

Fingers Paints nail polish swatch in Peach Picasso

Next up is Finger Paint’s “Peach Picasso”. This polish is a lovely pink peachy color with very fine silver shimmers. It applied cleanly and smoothly in two coats. I love this type of color for spring, I can see myself wanting to do some type of floral look using this polish as a base!

Fingers Paints nail polish swatch in Blank Canvas Cream

And the final polish I got from Sally’s was Finger Paint’s “Blank Canvas Cream” is a nude pinky beige color. This color applied smoothly and was perfect after two coats. Can you tell I went on a little bit of a nude binge?

Now Marshalls!

As usual there were plenty of polishes, but this time there was almost a theme haha


All polishes were priced between $2-$5 dollars. The shelves were stocked with Essie, Sally Hansen, OPI, ORLY, and surprisingly Milani polishes. I’d never tried Milani, was tempted to by some, but ultimately skipped out. Once again, I found a few OPI Colorpaints, particularly in Orange Chromatic.


The other side of the display had plenty of sets and bundles. Can you guess which set I set my heart on? If you read my last GPH post, you’ll probably have a hint!

Butter London mini set

If you guessed the Butter London mini set, you are right! My heart could not resist buying the mini set for $7. I actually had never seen a mini Butter London nail polish bottle, so I honestly could not resist at all! D:

The set included the Nail Foundation base coat (which I was actually hoping was another nude polish), “East End”, and Butter London’s Hardware topcoat.

Butter London nail polish swatch in East End

“East End” is a spring appropriate mustard yellow. This polish applied evenly and opaquely  in just two coats.

So over all, I ended up with 6 full sized polishes, one mini, one mini base coat, and one mini topcoat for a around $24 after tax! I consider this a bargain success!

Did you guys see anything you’d love to get your hands on?

P.S. Since this is the third installment of my Good Polish Hunting series, I was hoping to get some feedback from you guys. Do you guys like reading what hidden deals might be hiding at your local stores? Do you prefer having the swatches included in these posts? I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings!



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24 thoughts on “GPH: Marshalls & Sally’s

  1. Love this post! I enjoyed having a good snoop in the sale pics to see what goodies were there, and really appreciate you going through the effort of swatching everything you picked up 🙂 x

  2. Great finds! I love this series and the swatches. It reminds me I need to check out stores I don’t normally think to shop for polish. It’s also something I don’t see on blogs at all anymore. It’s so nice to discover polish in stores which is how most all of us polish addicts shopped only 4-5 years ago!

    • Thanks! I’m glad to hear! I love in store polish hunting, especially when I rediscover old collections that I had previously missed out on. 🙂

  3. Gah, those shops shots! Thanks for letting me see through your camera to all that goodness! You were good, believe me, I know I would have bought much more! That Orly is so pretty, but my very favourite is the yellow Butter London!

    • Thank you! I’m really glad to hear you enjoy the series and shop shots 🙂
      Butter London East end and ORLY Ingenue are my two fav from this haul!

    • Actually, no, but I adore the Sand City one, had one of my best hauls there! This one was in San Jose, but I agree! We should certainly do a coffee fueled polish hunt 🙂

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