Simple St Patrick’s Day Nails


Hope everyone is doing well. Has anyone else beens struggling with daylight savings time change? Or am I just being more tired and lazy than usual? Cause I’d believe either or haha.

Today I am back with some seasonally appropriate nail art! I’m actually quite proud I am participating! Yay!

Saint Patricks Day nail art

Although..I will say, despite participating, I have been struggling creatively. This manicure is kind of last minute since I couldn’t think of a good festive design. Instead, I had a Bill Oreilly moment and decided to make things up as I went along.

To kick things off, I browsed my collection of green nail polishes and decided to go with Butter London in the shade “Sozzled”, a very pretty and vibrant yellow based green polish with a creme finish. I applied two coats and once those dried, I revisited my stash for something interesting to add.

While looking through my collection I rediscovered my OPI Don’t Speak – Pure 18k Gold topper from the 2014 OPI Gwen Stefani Holiday collection. I applied this my ring and thumb finger to get a feel for the effect and went with two coats. Don’t Speak has very fine flecks of gold with the occasional medium sized flake. I think its rather pretty.

Next I browsed my stamping plates for something to suit the manicure. I found quite a few Celtic knots in the plates that I own…but I didn’t feel like the images matched the vibrancy of the polish…if that makes any sense! lol

Instead, I found my JR-31 plate from MyOnline Shop. Don’t have a festive St Patty’s day plate? Why not repurpose a cauldron into a nice base for a pot of gold? 😉 I applied Mundo De Unas black stamping polish on only the pot, skipping the smoke, and used my Fab Ur Nails clear stamper to pick up the image and place it on my middle finger. I love clear stampers…I really do! Potential review of the FAB clear stamper vs BPS clear stamper soon 😉

My Online Shop JR-31 Stamping Plate

Next I used Sally Hansen’s “Gilded Lily” (used in my post from last week here) and with a dotting tool, added an abundant amount of gold to my pot/cauldron. The look still seemed bare so grabbed a sponge and did a quick gradient concentrated at the tips of my index and pinky nail using OPI’s “Bling Dynasty”. I topped everything with Seche Vite and tada! My St Patricks themed nail art using the Bill Oreilly method!

Saint Patricks Day ManicureNothing fancy or sophisticated like some of the amazing looks I’ve been seeing on other blogs and Instagram, but its mine and I’m pretty pleased with myself! Hopefully I’ll be able to do a better thought out look for you guys this Thursday. Let me know your thoughts and as always, thanks for reading!



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20 thoughts on “Simple St Patrick’s Day Nails

  1. I think I do this method every time I’m doing nail art; I’ve got a very, very rough idea of what I want to do, but I’m not totally sure about it, and I just start hoping I find my way to the end. It usually works out.

    Great combo, though! That green <3

    • I usually have a rough idea of what I want to do too, but this time I felt a bit extra lost and unplanned 🙂 Thanks!

  2. I love the look, it totally screams St. Patrick!
    Over here time changes to daylight saving only on Easter’s Sunday but I do feel Spring already I guess and I am always sleepy!

  3. Love it! I’m in the same boat as you right now! I’ve applied China Glaze ‘Four Leaf Clover’ and I’m not really sure where to go from there lol x

    • I’m glad I’m not alone in the whole ‘I have no clue what to do now’ department hahaha, I’m sure what you come up with will be good too 😀

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