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I wanted to introduce you guys to a new series I will be working on from here on forward! The idea kind of struck me While discussing some blogging tips from a lovely community of nail bloggers recently. Due to the small blog budget I’m on, I can’t purchase all the latest and greatest released collections of nail polishes. So instead of bringing you the news of the latest and greatest, I will be bringing you news of the forgotten and rediscovered!

What do I mean by that?

I’ll be starting a new series called Good Polish Hunting! A lot of the polishes I own I bought at discounts at places like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Sally’s, and so on. These are great places to find a variety of polishes from both permanent and limited edition collections. I’ve decided to start sharing my finds and I hunt deals on nail polishes. Maybe you’ll rediscover an old polish you own and forgotten or maybe you might be see a limited edition polish that slipped your fingers last year that you can now buy for a fraction of the original price! Either way, I hope you enjoy 🙂

Now that the introduction is over, lets get on with our first edition of GPH! I warn you, this will be picture heavy!

Earlier this week I stopped by one of my favorite places for staples and discontinued polishes alike. Yes, Marshalls is a trove of polishes from previous season’s collections, holiday sets, and more! Usually there’s always something to catch your eye. This day was no exception!

By the registers I found an entire display, front and back, filled with polishes! As you can see there was a sea of Essie polishes with plenty of OPI, ORLY, and other brands mixed in. These polishes were mostly priced between $2.99-$4.99.




But wait, what’s this?


I spotted OPI’s Color Paint Purple Perspective! OPI’s Color Paints collection was literally EVERYWHERE last year and here it was for a mere $3.99 for the bottle! I did treat myself to this collection because the hype was so real. Seeing this here kind of made me question that decision lol.

There’s more?

image image

A set of 6 mini OPI Color Paint polishes?? SO CUTE! I have such a weakness for mini products…don’t ask me why, I just do. I almost bought this since it was $9.99, but I had to step back and remember small cute bottles are not reason enough to buy redundant polishes.


The display also had OPI Color Paint duos with a dual ended nail art tool for $9.99 as well.


There was also a Together at last OPI duo, featuring one of the Gwen Stefani polishes, for $7.99

Additionally there were various other sets from brands I’d never tried and some nail art kits. There was even that nail art ring that use to live on the Sephora Sale website for essentially a year for just $0.99! Overall, lots of great finds I think. But I did leave empty handed.

image  imageimage

However, Sally’s next door was a bit of a different story.

Sally’s was having 75% off the original price of all clearance items! They had a modest selection of nail polishes at their clearance section. Polishes ranged from $1-$5 roughly.

image image

Bonus chipped bottle I found!


In the end I took home the modest little haul you see below. The mini polishes were $1.99, the set of minis was $4.99 INSERT MORE. All in all, after discounts these polishes and a gigantic bottle of acetone rang up for a total of $14 and some change at the register.

The polishes from left to right:

  • Finger Paints in Picnic Blanket: a red and white square cut chunky topper
  • ORLY in Front Page: a cool toned champaign gold
  • Finger Paints Tie Dye mini set including Far Out Fuchsia, Yellow out Man, and Be Hippy
  • China glaze in Flip Flop Fantasy: a matte neon orange color
  • Finger Paints: Unknown orange red polish because no name was written on it.


Just for fun (And the sake of practice!) I swatched two of the polishes I picked up.

Here we have two coats of Front Page, the formula is smooth, but like most metallic and shimmery formulas, the application can be a little streaky. This was topped with a Ciate top coat.


Here we have Flip Flop Fantasy, its an intense neon matte. This applied unevenly and took three coats to smooth over the top. No top coat added.


That’s all for today, sorry for the long post. I promise next one I will try to trim it down! So, have you checked down any of your local stores for polishes? Any interesting sightings? let me know!

Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts about this series! Thanks so much for reading, I hope you have a great weekend!



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    • I actually have never done any water marbling, I saw that this set comes with a little stick, so I may give it a shot soon! Maybe I’ll do a failure post lol

    • I think the camera situation I had going on exaggerated the color a bit…This was the hardest to photograph with my novice skills >.<

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