HASK Macadamia Oil Hair Care Collection Review

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I once again had the wonderful opportunity to work with HASK to bring you another review of one of their collections. This time I’m coming at you with a review of their Macadamia Oil line!

Mmmm…Fun fact about me, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies are hands down my all time favorite cookie! Which is awesome for me, since whenever anyone ever brought a cookie platter to a class, party, or gathering, I rarely ever had any competition for my marvelous white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

So when I found out that I was going to have the chance to work with HASK again and that this time I’d be getting to try out their Macadamia line, I was totally stoked! Heard a lot about the use of Macadamia oil in hair care, but haven’t actually tried any products that used it as a main ingredient. I was eager to try a product headlining this particular ingredient. I went to Hask’s website to read up more about the line. Here’s their love letter to Macadamia:

Mmm mmmm, macadamia nuts… You know how macadamia nuts are super delicious but super-high in fat (and thus, calories)? Well, the very thing that makes them not-so-great for your waistline is what makes them oh-so-perfect for your hair: Essential fatty acids! Macadamia nuts are loaded with these things! That—plus the fact that they have the uncanny ability to mimic our scalps’ natural oils—is probably why Macadamia Oil has been a treasured beauty aid in Australia for generations. That’s why HASK chose this rich, ultra-hydrating oil as a featured ingredient in our products. Its abundant nutrients and essential fatty acids help keep hair soft, supple and shiny. Ideal for dry, damaged, or over-processed hair, the miraculous moisturizing effects of HASK Macadamia Oil products will go straight to your head….but not to your waist! And that, my friend, is truly delicious!

Hask Beauty


This sample pack came with a full sized Macadamia Oil Shampoo, Macadamia Oil Conditioner, Macadamia Oil Shine Treatment, a Macadamia Oil Deep Conditioner, and the CUTEST little purple Hask hair brush! I adore the brush because not only is it purple, but its awesome for travel or keeping in the car for quick hair fixes…or am I the only one who fixes their hair in the car from time to time? haha

Are you excited yet?

A little bit on my hair story:

So once again, lets revisit a tiny bit about my hair’s story.

Over the last year my hair has been bleached at the very least 5 times and bleached to oblivion. My hair was subjected to all this intense abuse because I was crazy obsessed with obtaining my dream purple ombre. I know I got a little carried away when my naturally full and wavy hair started to get dull and showing some serious signs of damage. I knew I had to step back and start diverging my attention from hair coloring to hair treating.

While searching for some way to restore my hair’s health and structure, I encountered the opportunity to try two different lines back to back. One was a higher end salon brand that didn’t really work out for me and the other was my hair’s savior packaged in some $5.99 bottles and $2.99 packets. That savior? Hask’s Argan Oil Repairing Line.

Since trying out the full sized shampoo, conditioner, oil shine treatment, and deep conditioner, I have repurchased both the shampoo, conditioner, and purchased the larger size of the oil shine treatment. I LOVE this line!

Shampoo & Conditioner:

The claims of this shampoo and conditioner is that it hydrates and protects hair. This makes dry and damaged hair like mine the perfect candidate for testing these claims. The shampoo produces a wonderful rich lather that really leaves my hair feeling clean and revived. The conditioner feels super creamy and smooth when I saturate my hair with it. After my first wash with this, I felt my hair feeling soft and nourished. After using this for a few weeks, I could see that my hair was taking the Macadamia oil quite well.

I cannot say how color friendly the formula in the Macadamia line is, as I was intentionally stripping the purple color out of my hair in order to give my hair colorist the best canvas to work with. However, I was stripping Pravana purple out of my hair using clarifying shampoo and Vitamin C treatments, and for those of you who have never tried this, its drying. This type of treatment will strip out unwanted color from your hair, but your hair will feel quite dry and brittle afterwards. While testing this line, I did about 4 of these treatments. I have to say, I did notice the Macadamia oil products returning some hydration to my hair!


Macadamia Oil Hydrating Deep Conditioner Treatment Packet & Macadamia Oil Hydrating Shine Treatment:

Obviously, after doing a few of those vitamin C treatments, my hair needed some crazy amounts of love and what better way to say I’m sorry than with a deep conditioning treatment? After doing two of the stripping treatments twice in one week, I knew I had to break out the big guns and do a much needed deep conditioning session. I completely saturated my hair in the Macadamia Oil Hydrating Deep Conditioner and left it in for about 10 minutes. After washing it out, I felt that my hair wasn’t feeing as stringy or weak as it had been feeling. After applying some Macadamia Hydrating Shine treatment  and allowing my hair to air dry, I could see that my hair really benefited from the treatment! It felt much softer and looked healthier!

The Macadamia Oil Hydrating Shine treatment really packs the little punch. A quarter size is about all I need for my hair. I only wash my hair about twice a week because over washing my hair makes it super brittle, plus skipping out on washing my hair daily also helps my colors stay in longer. This oil is nourishing, yet light and gentle enough for me to apply it everyday and not experience any oily build up.

Final thoughts:

The Macadamia Oil line delivers what it promises, it is ultra hydrating and great for dry and damaged hair. However, I believe I will be sticking to the Argan Oil side of Hask’s treatments. The reason is a total personal preference and it all boils down to the scent. The Macadamia Oil line from Hask has a strong vanilla scent and (other fun fact about me) I really do not like the scent of vanilla. This doesn’t mean that the product is over scented or anything, it is a total me thing, I feel like everyone loves the smell of it. I’m just weird!

Hask’s Argan oil line however has an amazing citrus scent that I adore! For this reason alone is why I pick the Argan line over the Macadamia line. But if vanilla is your jam, you’re gonna love the Macadamia line! It’s hydrating, nourishing, and smells like vanilla bean dreams. Additionally, this line is super easy on the wallet 😉

The whole line is completely affordable with a price breakdown of:

HASK Argan Oil Repairing Shampoo – $5.99

HASK Argan Oil Repairing Conditioner – $5.99

HASK Argan Oil Repairing Deep Conditioner – $2.99

HASK Argan Oil Shine Treatment – $2.99

You can find out more about the line and the company from their website HaskBeauty.com


Have you tried HASK? What are your thoughts? Will you be trying the Macadamia line? Let me know.


Thanks for reading!



DISCLAIMER: I received products mentioned in this post as press samples in exchange for a completely honest and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% my own. If you have further questions or concerns, please visit my ‘Disclaimer page’ or feel free to contact me. Thank you!

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