Born Pretty Store Review & Punk Rock nails!


I know I’ve been a little quiet lately, its mostly due to the fact that I’ve been a bit busy and none of the manicures I did during the last two weeks felt ‘blog worthy’. However, I am back and I am loving my nails at the moment!

After the instagram/tumblr success of my last post (Houses of Hogwarts: Ravenclaw Edition) I was contacted by the BornPrettyStore about doing a review on their plates. My samples arrived a few days ago and I finally got the chance to properly sit down and play with my new shiny plates!

Born Pretty Stamping Plate Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate BP-39

First up is BP-39, its a very “Punky” plate that immediately caught my eye because I’ll always be a punk at heart. This plate took me back to my days of middle school and high school. Back to where color coordinating my closet was easy since it was all black, shades of grey, pops of white, and then super extremely occasionally actual color…like red! Not to mention the incredible fun there was with accessorizing those wonderful color coordinated outfits with things like chains and ties and safety pins. Oh, those where the days.



This is the first time I’m actually using a BornPrettyStore plate believe it or not, I was impressed with the etching of them! I swatched this plate using Mundo De Unas Black stamping polish and just a random stamper. I was able to get nice crisp lines and clean stamps without much effort, I’m very pleased!

BP-39 Swatch

This plate really did use all available real estate to really load up on images. It includes  4 all over nail designs and 5 single images for a total of 9 stamps! The only down side to this is that with so many images, it was a little tricky to pickup small images without accidentally picking up a piece of the neighboring stamp. But really that’s a pretty minor con.

The Look

The manicure I ended up creating with this plate was very much inspired by Vivianne Westwood era of Punk Rock Fashion. She pretty much single handedly created the whole ‘Classic Punk’ scene from the 70’s and also is essentially responsible for the Sex Pistol’s signature look!

China Glaze's in Black Diamond nail swatch

To start this off, I used China Glaze’s ‘Black Diamond’, its a rather sheer polish so I ended up using three thin coats to get the intensity I wanted.

Punk rock nail art manicure

Next, to add a kinda ‘grungy’ feel to the manicure I used Sally Hansen’s ‘Silver Sweep’ to stamp a couple of the images to all my nails. I ended up using both sized eyes for my thumb and pinky, repeated the all over skull on my ring and pointer, and then used the Blink 182-ish smily face on my middle. Afterwards I finished it all off with my favorite topcoat, Seche Vite. And ta-da!

Punk Rock Inspired Nail Art

I don’t know about you, but I am very happy with the way this turned out! I think the subtle shimmer in ‘Black Diamond’ works pretty well with ‘Silver Sweep’. I’m going to happily wear this till its chipped and worn because then it’ll be EVEN MORE punk! 😀

Punk Rock Inspired Nail Art

Overall, I am pretty happy with the performance of BornPrettyStore brand of plates, I’m not sure why I haven’t tried them sooner, but I look forward to using them more in the future and trying out the other two samples I received. Shipping was also surprisingly fast, considering they are overseas. I believe I only waited about 2-3 weeks to receive these press samples.

If you are interested in picking up this plate or anything else at the BornPrettyStore, here is my coupon code for 10% off your order, excluding sale items and you may use it as many times as you wish! 🙂


Again, thank you so much for reading!




DISCLAIMER: I received BP-39 plate as a sample in exchange for an honest review & demonstration. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. If you have further questions or concerns, please visit my ‘Disclaimer page’ or feel free to contact me. Thank you!

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