YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara

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I’m back with a review that I am incredibly excited about! For a few years now I have been a BIG fan of YSL cosmetics. Not only do the products apply like a dream, you just feel ultra sophisticated and fancy while using their gorgeously packaged products. But lets cut to the chase, what’s the product I’m reviewing today? My long standing favorite mascara; YSL’s Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara!


I use to think mascara was overrated. I use to wear, and still do from time to time, a super dark and thick eyeliner look on a daily basis. So my younger self always found herself thinking ‘what difference was mascara going to make? With my eyeliner no one would actually notice my mascara clumped eyelashes, right?’ Well, that was a yes and no. All the mascaras I had tried up until about 3 years ago had been…meh at best. No mascara had made me into a believer and I lived in mascara ignorance bliss.

YSL Volume Faux Cils Mascara:


But that all changed a little over 3 years ago when a YSL holiday set fell into my hands which included an eyeliner, makeup remover, makeup bag, and the Volume Faux Cils mascara. Is it kind of dramatic to say that mascara changed my life? Maybe, but it is totally fair to say that mascara changed my whole makeup game. The formula was unlike ANYTHING I had ever tried before. Most were either too wet and made my lashes stick and fall droopy, others were too dry and crumbled over my cheeks with fallout. But not this one. This one coated my lashes fairly evenly without clumping and I didn’t find any fallout on my cheeks as the day went on. But the best part? It.Held.My.Curl. My curl really lasted most of the day, which was crazy to me, because my lashes NEVER hold a curl.

So when influenster announced it was teaming with YSL to celebrate this amazing mascara’s 15th anniversary I was beyond excited to learn that I would be part of the campaign! If you don’t believe I was excited, look at the picture above again, I did my nails in honor of this mascara. How much more love can a girl have for a tube of glorious mascara? 🙂


YSL has enhanced the formula of the classic I loved so dearly. At first I was excited, then a little nervous, how would the changes affect my holy grail? Well I am pleased to say that it rocks just as much if not harder!



Lets start off with the formula, this mascara delivers a intensely dark application to your lashes with just one coat. Apply two coats and you can easily achieve YSL’s signature long voluminous lashes look without falsies. This mascara’s wand isn’t some crazy gimmicky shape, but it still reaches and separates every lash as you comb through. The formulation of the product is also a perfect medium, its not too wet where your lashes will drop and droop, but its also not too dry where the product will crumb and flake onto your cheeks. I feel like this mascara really flexes and holds onto my lashes through out the day. And the best part? Its super easy to remove at the end of the day.

Some of the new improvements YSL has added to this mascara is they have added essential oils to the product so you can condition your lashes as you wear it. I honestly think that this is why my lashes look so freakin fluffy and natural when I wear this mascara. They also claim that the the oils will keep the product from drying out in the tube, I haven’t had it for very long, so I can’t say much about that. But my previous tubes didn’t really dry out (I used them up before they had a chance to do such a thing lol), so if this lengthens the mascara’s longevity even more then, score!




  • Intense, rich, dark formula
  • Brush reaches every lash
  • Gives volume and length
  • Formula holds curl
  • Non irritating
  • Beautifully scented
  • Gorgeous packaging


  • At $32 USD a tube, some might find it to be pricey

Overall thoughts: Some products I think are splurge worthy, mascara is one of those for me. YSL gives every reason for you to splurge on their mascara. Not only is the product proven to be a holy grail, but the packaging and little attention to details of this product make it so luxurious. Go ahead and try it out, I’m sure you’ll fall in love like I did!

If you do wish to buy it, you can find it at any of these retailers

YSL Beauty US

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Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. However, all opinions are 100% mine and honest. For more information please view my Disclaimer page or reach out to me via my contact form.

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