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Today I’m here to review a lovely little make up brush set that I recently picked up from BH Cosmetics, its the 15pc Rose Gold Brush Set!  So lets start!


I picked up this brush set after my brushes were stolen from me. Some of the brushes stolen were BH Cosmetic’s 10pc Pop Art Brush Set, which I actually really loved. I went on to the site to repurchase that set but got very distracted by the pretty Rose Gold set. It was a 15pc set and on sale for about $17, not that much more expensive than what the Pop Art brushes were selling for at the time so I decided to try those out instead.


The Rose Gold brushes come with a lovely brown brush roll with a gold metal clasp. It looks SO cute and luxurious! Its obviously made out of plastic, but it feels nice in your hand and actually to my surprise, didn’t have a horrible ‘chemical’ or ‘factory’ smell to it. It was only when I held the brush roll and brushes up to my nose and really smelled them that I noticed a slight scent, so I was very pleased by that. Also, each brush came individually wrapped in plastic.


In the set there are:

  • 3 Face brushes
    • Powder Brush
    • Angled Blush Brush
    • Foundation Brush
  • 10 Eye brushes
    • Tapered Blending Brush
    • Large Classic Shadow Brush
    • Angled Shadow Brush
    • Curved Shading Brush
    • Small Tapered Blending Brush
    • Tapered Smudge Brush
    • Small Classic Shadow Brush
    • Angled Liner Brush
    • Small Detailing Brush
    • Fine Eyeliner Brush
  • 2 Brow Grooming Brushes
    • Brow and Lash Grooming Brush
    • Brow and Lash Spoolie


I loved the ratio of eye shadow to blending brushes ratio. I’m huge on eye make up, so I really mostly was focusing on what eye brushes came with the set. I’ll leave my first impressions of the brushes below with each picture describing my thoughts as I unboxed them.




As stated before, this set came with three face brushes, a powder, blush, and foundation brush.



The powder brush has a slight dome shape and long fibers. It is a pretty dense and fluffy brush and felt pretty nice when i ran it over the back of my hand. Looking forward to using this!


The Blush brush had a nice tapered edge to it which is always a plus for me when dealing with blush brushes. Just like the powder brush it was nice and fluffy.


The foundation brush was densely packed but also still soft.



Eye Shadow.

IMG_8243 IMG_8240

IMG_8239 IMG_8238

The both classic shadow brushes, angled shadow, curved shading, and tapered smudge brush were pretty flat. I expected to get some flat shaders, but these were pretty flat. I tend to like really fluffy brushes for my make up, but don’t get me wrong, I do like some flat brushes. I feel some flat brushes can really pack in some pigment, but the set was lacking in any kind of fluffy eyeshadow brushes. Even the smudge brush lacked in “fluffy”.


IMG_8242 IMG_8241 IMG_8237

I was already loving the blending brushes. We had three different kinds of blending brushes. One was a kind of crease blending brush, the next was a more fine tipped for working in dark colors into the crease and an all over blending brush. They were all pretty packed and well shaped. I’m pretty excited!


And here is the other blending brush I got from their individual brush section. I LOVE this brush, it works so well! I do prefer this brush over its counter part in the rose gold collection, but I still use both! Really love using them to smooth out colors so that the gradient between shadows transitions better.



Eyes & Brows.

IMG_8252 IMG_8253

IMG_8254 IMG_8255

The angled liner, small detailing brush and fine eyeliner brushes were very small. The angled liner had like two really long little bristles extending beyond the rest, but hey, for that cheap of price I wasn’t too mad that only two bristles weren’t cut evenly with the rest of the brush. The fine liner looked like it could really get some precise lining done!


My Brow and Lash Grooming brush came missing a few teeth. I’m a little disappointed, but again, for the price its not that big of a deal. The spoolie came in just fine condition.


Now that I got my first impressions of the brushes out of the way and my excitement was pretty high, I had to wash them so I could finally use them! The washing not only serves to clean the brushes to ready them for make up application, but its what I feel one of the first true tests of a make up brush’s quality. If it can withstand being washed, not shed, and hold shape after drying, I would have high hopes for that brush.

And just for reference, the way I wash my brushes is with a mild facial clenser. I hold the brush in a downward angle and place it under the water stream, then I take the brush to my hand which has a little facial cleanser and swirl it to mix in the cleanser and to gently “scrub” my brushes clean. I then rinse, again holding the brush in a downward angle so water never makes its way into the part where the metal is. I don’t wanna weaken the glue holding the bristles. I dry my brushes propped against a rolled towel so they dry at a standing/downward slanted angle and with another towel underneath them to soak up the water.

Well, things got off to a hairy start. The powder brush started shedding instantly. Large clumps of little bristles started to fall out as I washed. I was not happy. More and more bristles started to fall out and I washed until they stopped. Next, the blush brush also shed quite a bit. We were off to a bad start and I was not sure what to expect from the rest of the experience.

The eye foundation and all eye brushes washed great with out any shedding, so only the powder and blush failed my wash test. I laid them to dry and with in hours the eye brushes were all dry. They all retained their shape and the still drying face brushes also seemed to be holding up just fine.


The eye make up brushes did pretty good. As I said, I only wished there were some fluffy brushes included, but the flat brushes did their job for the most part. But I will note that they actually didn’t pack as much pigment as I thought they would.

The blending brushes were my favorite of the set. They picked up color pretty well and the over all blending brush worked like a charm. I have been reaching for these brushes often in the 3 weeks I have owned them.

When I got around to using the face brushes I was further disappointed to find the powder brush was still shedding as I was using it on my face! Luckily the blush brush and foundation brush did no such thing, but it was still disappointing, since I probably won’t really be using that powder brush much.

Final Thoughts.

My final thoughts about this set is for about $17 you can’t really complain all too much. It is a GREAT starter set for anyone looking to get into makeup and on a budget. The flat brushes that I complained about do not minus this set too many points because that’s more of a personal preference thing, some people do like using flat brushes more than denser all over eyeshadow brushes.

However, as a set over all its an okay set. If you are already really into makeup and can afford to spring on a more pricey set, I would recommend so. Or at least perhaps invest in another set. My PopArt BH Cosmetics set was better than this Rose Gold set. None of the brushes shed and the eyeshadow brushes were way more to my liking!  Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions about this set. Also, if you own this set, let me know what you think of it!


Forever loving you


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3 thoughts on “BH Cosmetics Rose Gold Brush Set

  1. hi! i just wanna say thanks for your review.. i’m living in indonesia and this brush won’t be cheap when it came here :p ahahah, so i searched for many review but none of them give complete answer. YOURS is the perfect review i’ve been looking 😀

    • Hi Jane, I’m so happy to hear that you found my review helpful! I wanna thank you so much for reading and for your lovely comment!! You’re my first commenter so I’m excited, YAY!:D

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for this review, it was exactly what I was looking for! I’m from Argentina and here this brushes are about U$D75, so they are not that cheap, but it still is a great deal cause as you can imagine, the more expensive the brush is in the USA the more expensive it is here, and these look like good quality brushes so I think they are worth it. Anyway, thank you so much again, tomorrow I´m buying this set because of you 🙂 kisses!

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