Subtle Glittery Winter Sweaters <3

Hi guys!

I’m back with another nail look for all of you guys. I know the winter/cozy/ugly/whatever you wanna call it sweater trend has been going around for a while now, but I couldn’t help but do my take on this lovely look! I purchased some Moyou London Festive plates a few weeks back and couldn’t wait to break them out for a manicure. The Festive 06 a wide range of awesome festive images to pick from and I found myself unable to commit to just ONE image. So what did I do? I picked five! 😀

To start off this manicure I used my OPI Nail Envy for Sensitive and Peeling nails as a base, cause I have a bit of a problem with peeling nails. Next I applied two nice coats of a BEAUTIFUL winter blue by Essie called ‘Mind Your Mittens’. I have honestly been crushing on this color for a long time. I recently picked it up pretty cheap at a store and could not wait to finally try it out! The lighting in this photo doesn’t do this color justice.

Essie Mind Your Mittens
Essie Mind Your Mittens

My next step after applying my two coats of Essie’s Mind Your  Mittens was to add a coat of ORLY’s Matte FX Green Flakie top coat. This matte top coat has a green tint and is filled with large pieces of green, blue and purple glitter flakes. They were a little hard to pick up with my camera, but I tried my best to capture the pretty effect this top coat gives.

ORLY Matte FX in Green Flakie Top Coat
ORLY Matte FX in Green Flakie Top Coat

You could obviously stop here and have a wonderful deep matted glitter look. They look like a deep winter night with eye catching falling snow. However, I promised sweater nails and so we shall proceed with sweater nails! The next step is what I find to be the most nerve racking step: stamping!

I find stamping to be a bit of the more nerve wracking step because if I don’t line up the image properly, then I will end up starting all over on that particular nail. Luckily, my practice is starting to show and no image was overly crooked! Yay!

I selected all images for my nails from Moyou London’s Festive Collection 06. I mixed it up with different festive images of hearts, reindeer, trees, and poinsettias. The images were looking so pretty over the base we’ve created. The final step was to throw on a final coat of matte top coat. For this step I used China Glaze Matte Magic. I didn’t reuse ORLY because I didn’t want any green tint or glitter over the images. You could also do a nice clear top coat to make the images shiny, but I really love the matte look for sweater nails. Click on images to see them up close. It’ll give you a better idea of the matte glitter elements underneath 🙂

Holiday Sweater Nails

I loved the finish product. What about you??

Holiday Weather Nails

Another angle to show off a bit more of the thumb image.

Holiday Sweater Nails

Here in these images I’m trying to get the light to catch the glitter pieces properly to show you guys how really stunning the glitter coat is. My camera really could not do it justice…it looks so much better in person.

Holiday Sweater Nails

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