Hello and welcome to my blog!

Before I begin sharing my nail art, I wanted to give a little background on my nail art history. I’m starting to think I should probably add this to my “About Me” section instead lol.

I have been painting my nails (terribly) since I was in elementary school, for many of those years it was black polished pooled in the cuticle area and surrounding skin. I didn’t care to shape my nails much and I also didn’t take time to take care of my hands or cuticles. It was terrible. But it played very well into my punk look!

I finally started getting into nails and how to take care and manicure them about seven months ago. It started with me finally starting to grow my nails out, taking care of them using treatments, and shaping them (I decided on a nice square/squoval). Six months ago I invested in a nail brush to clean around the cuticle area to get a neat looking manicure. Five months ago, I got a bundle monster CYO kit and konad stamper and scraper. My BM plates weren’t deeply etched so I didn’t get how to pick up the image and gave up on stamping entirely.

It was only a little over a month ago that I decided to invest in nicer plates and give stamping another good ol’ fashioned college try. In the last month I have learned much about stamping and still incorporate my free hand nail art. I have also purchased some stamping plates from various brands, but am eager to try out those I have not had the pleasure of using. I am not that great at doing my nails/stamping yet, but this blog is here to document my progress and improvements. I also hope this blog can help others in their journey through nail art!

Forever adoring you,


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