Disclaimer time, lets try to make it simple.

This is my personal blog, I’m just someone with a lot of free time and love for anything pretty. In this blog you will find nail art (both original and recreations) and a variety of reviews. These reviews will include (but not limited to) nail related things, makeup, skin care, and hair care.

“Its my site and I’ll blog if I want to!”

As you already know, this is my site. Since I pay for my domain name and for hosting this site, I’ll post whatever I want. This means that anytime I post a review, it is because I want to! Keep in mind that these are my opinions! My opinions may differ from yours and that’s totally okay! Sometimes I’ll love a look or product that you won’t love and sometimes I won’t love a look or product that you will love. But that’s all okay.

And on that note, lets talk about Liability.

These opinions will be based on MY experiences with any reviewed products. ┬áThis means that I’m not liable if you decide to try the product and it reacts negatively with you. I am a blogger who blogs for informational and entertainment purposes only. Please, be careful and take care of yourself.

About my reviews and other posts.

All reviews, opinions, and content in my posts are all based on my own experience. Again, I will state that I am NOT a full time blogger. This is NOT my source of income. No one pays me to run my blog, I am not endorsed by anyone. Embedded links on my website are not affiliated links. Those links are meant to show you where you can purchase or learn more about a product for yourself.

HOWEVER, if this comes to change I will disclose which links are affiliated at the bottom of my posts. I will not hide which links are affiliated and will always be honest with you. If you are unsure if the link or post was affiliated, endorsed, or other wise sponsored, please feel free to ask! I will happily clear it up with you.

More about my Reviews (Where did the product come from? Purchase, Sample, Freebie?)

I will ALWAYS disclose to you when a product was sent to me for review and testing purposes. If there is no disclaimer at the bottom of the page disclosing that the product was sent as a press sample, freebie, or gift, then you may safely assume that it was purchased with my own hard earned money. So please, always check the ends of my posts for a disclosure.

Now, please do not be alarmed if I receive a product for review. My opinion is NOT for sale. If a company sends me a product to review on my page and I enjoy the product, I will be honest and tell you that I enjoyed using the product. But on the flip side, if I receive a product and have a terrible experience using it, I will not be afraid to tell you that I had a terrible time! I will always review with honestly because I care about my readers and wish to only convey truthful personal opinions.

So lets say it again, just because it was free DOES NOT mean that I will write a “omg! spectacular! holy grail!” phenomenal review. I will only give you my most honest opinion.

What about your pictures?

99.9% of photos on this blog are taken by me, I will say which are not taken by me and credit a proper source. Please respect my images and do not steal them. If you are going to post them elsewhere to share please DO NOT remove my watermark! If you remove the watermark and do not credit me, you are stealing my hard work!

If there is any other questions you have about my blog or topics you would like me to further address, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at my “Contact Me” page or at LittleNuclearReactor(@)gmail.com. I will reply to you as quickly as possible. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!